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Brutal Craig Jones Foot Lock on Boogeyman

Brutal Craig Jones Foot Lock on Boogeyman


Inside Look at Craig Jones’s Brutal Ankle Lock at Quintet 3

If you were able to catch Quintet 3 Friday night you were treated to some excellent matches, and some pretty interesting moments. There were definitely some standout submissions on the card, but one of the most unique, brutal, and talked about finishes was Craig Jones’s ankle lock in his bout against Richie “Boogeyman” Martinez. The sub came in the opening seconds of the match, and earned fastest submission of the night honors.

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The submission had Martinez writhing in pain as he desperately tried to find a plan of escape, and unfortunately at the close of the contest, he hobbled from the mat. There are no heel hooks allowed in Quintet, so it was very interesting to see Jones spin his leglock game in a different direction to accommodate the ruleset. The lock itself was interesting in its origin, stemming from the De La Riva guard. Here’s a breakdown of the technique from Kent Peters. Have a look!

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Notice how the De La Riva hook ultimately became a vice near the knee of Martinez. This made it almost impossible for him to remove his leg by going in the opposite direction. As Kent explains, had Martinez pulled Jones’s knee towards him, it would have rendered the position almost useless without a new transition into a different leg entanglement. But as he also explains, “It’s Craig Jones”. After posting on his head and applying some pressure into the lock with his hips, the terrible scene finally came to an end.

This was no doubt one of the most brutal foot locks we’ve seen in recent competition. Thank you for the great breakdown Kent!  Excellent work Craig Jones, and a speedy recovery to “Boogeyman”!

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