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Slick Ankle Pick with Tony Tolbert

Slick Ankle Pick with Tony Tolbert


Sneaky Ankle Pick To Get The Takedown!

We can discuss over and over the benefits of great wrestling and how it relates to and supplements BJJ. BJJ Fanatics continues to work with some of the greatest wrestlers of our time to bring you an inside look at how crisp and concise wrestling can upgrade your BJJ stand up game. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vet, adding strong basic wrestling to your toolbox will surely pay dividends. The ability to start a match with a solid take down immediately gives us a psychological advantage among other advantages over our opponents.

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I could watch a thousand ankle pick videos in a row. I absolutely love how crafty and sneaky the set ups are. The level changes, the bait. Ankle picks are highly effective and often leave the other player in a position where we can take advantage and advance with ease. However, watching an ankle pick that’s performed by a high-level wrestler can be beneficial on many levels. It’s a different perspective, and there’s much to be learned by the movement of our fellow grapplers.

In this video Tony Tolbert gives us a look at a beautiful ankle pick set up. Check it out!

Tolbert begins by shrugging off a collar tie into two on one scenario, in which he controls the wrist with an over hand grip, and also a firmly clamps an under-hand style grip near the armpit. Tolbert begins to circle and apply downward pressure with his grips in an attempt to make his opponents hand touch the floor. When the timing is just right Tobin lowers his level and directs his partners hand toward the ankle he wishes to pick. A quick grab of the ankle secures the takedown, and gets his partner to the floor.

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Seeing how great wrestlers approach the take down game is incredibly beneficial to our stand-up skills. Soak it up!

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