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Why Kayla Harrison is Cooler than You

Why Kayla Harrison is Cooler than You


MMA Fighter. Olympian. Super Athlete. Yes, Way Cooler Than Most!

Kayla Harrison has proved herself to be one of the most successful grapplers in combat sports. If you aren’t familiar, Harrison is an Olympic gold medalist in Judo, a gold medal winner at the Pan American games, and now a successful MMA competitor, having just completed her 3rd MMA fight with a flawless 3-0 record. Harrison is a true martial artist. Not only does she dominate the take-down game, but is a skilled grappler as well. Born in Middlefield, Ohio, Harrison began training Judo at the age of six. By the time she was 15, she had won two national championships.

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Her decorated record was made apparent in her most recent bout in the PFL cage. Early on in her fight against Moriel Charneski she used her Judo skills to throw her opponent to the ground. After one of her throws resulted in a ground and pound session, the referee called the fight in Harrison’s favor by TKO.

Harrison is not only a combat athlete extraordinaire, but a champion for survivors of sexual abuse. Her Fearless Foundation’s mission is to shine a light on the warning signs of abuse and help empower victims through education and sport. The foundation uses Judo to help victims gain physical strength as well as emotional strength though achievement, mastery, and the self-confidence that comes with an increased knowledge of self-defense.

No doubt, Harrison is a competitor to watch in the coming months, now setting her sights on a bout with Chris Cyborg.

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