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Slick Arm Drag to Sit Up Sweep to Arm Bar Flow by Renato Canuto

Slick Arm Drag to Sit Up Sweep to Arm Bar Flow by Renato Canuto


Arm Drag Sit Up Sweep Arm Bar by Renato Canuto

If you have been around the BJJ scene you have probably heard the name Renato Canuto. Renato Forasieppi Canuto is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under his father Valdir Canuto. Renato is a representative of team Checkmat JJ in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu international circuit. Renato is regarded as one of the most exciting grapplers of his generation and has proved his worth in many high level competitions. The list of Renato’s accolades is long, which his notable achievements including: IBJJF World No Gi Champion (2017), KASAI Pro 150lbs Champion (2017), KASAI Pro 170lbs Champion (2018), USBJJF/IBJJF American Nationals Champion (2017), UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Grand Slam – Los Angeles Champion (2017), and IBJJF World Championship 2nd Place (2018).

The arm drag is one of the most useful setup tools in all of grappling. From standing and from guard, it is an amazing tool to setup a takedown, sweep or submission... like arm bars. Renato is a master a constantly attacking for the arm bar finish and getting it on the top IBJJF competitors in the world.


Today Renato is here to demonstrate his arm drag sit up sweep arm bar. This is a technique from his instructional series "50 Shades Of Arm Bar." This is a very impressive arm bar, one that you will definitely want to add to your arsenal. Watch the video below and then we will break down the technique. Check it out now!

Renato starts this demonstration in closed guard, bottom position. The first thing he wants to do is clear his opponent’s grips in order to do the sit up sweep. To do this he grabs one of his opponent’s sleeves with both his hands and keeps his hips up high on his opponent to clear his training partner’s grip. If he falls while you do this you can follow him and catch his arm. But in most cases your opponent will try and pull their arm back and maintain their posture. So this is when you can go for the sit up sweep. Push your training partner’s hand towards his back as you post with your other hand. Pay attention to how high up Renato Canuto’s hips are on his opponent. This will not work if your hips are on the ground, which is a very important detail. The rest of your work comes from your legs. As you pull your hips come off the ground and you sweep into the mount position. Keep in mind you should still have control over your opponent’s arm – do not let up on it. Now that you are here pull your opponent’s arm under your arm pit. Now you can move your hips forward up to your training partner’s head and shoulder, sliding into the arm bar.

So there it is a really impressive sweep to get the arm bar. I think what I like the most about this technique from Renato Canuto is that it demonstrates just how powerful your hips are when it comes to sweeping an opponent. The hips placement is crucial on this one; it is where you generate all the power to get your training partner to go over. I also really like how the sweep puts you directly in mount with the arm already secured and ready to attack the arm bar submission. If you are a smaller guy facing a bigger opponent this can be a very effective sweep. Practice this the next time you are working closed guard sweeps and get a feel for where your weight is distributed when moving your opponent off balance. Having a sweep like this in your arsenal could be the difference between a win and a loss in competition. So get out there and train this arm drag sit up sweep from Renato Canuto. Thank you, Renato for sharing this technique with us today!

Renato Canuto is one of the most talked about fighters on the planet right now, and it’s because of his high-flying, nonstop aggressiveness, a style that makes him a gunslinger among gunslingers. 

In a sport that can be bogged down by people playing advantages or decisions, Renato Canuto is constantly pushing for the submission, and his results speak for themselves; An IBJJF World No-Gi Championship, silver in the gi at Worlds, and a double champion at Kasai!

The armbar is one of the first moves that most of us learn, and it’s one of the oldest and most proven submission locks in all of grappling. Still, how many of us ever really unlock its full potential? How many of us are able to hunt that arm with precision? Now you can become the arm collector in your gym, with Renato’s guidance.

Renato Canuto’s signature pass-armbar combinations have proven to be the difference makers in a lot of big matches. Turn your favorite pass into a crushing joint lock with just a few simple adjustments that Renato has mastered!

Learn 50 Ways To Master The Armbar With Submission Machine Renato Canuto. Always Be Fighting To The Finish, And Learn How To Armbar From Any Position



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