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Slick Back Take from Bottom Half Guard

Slick Back Take from Bottom Half Guard


Half guard is one of the most effective tools today to control our opponent's guard passes, maintain good distance, and also absorb a great deal of pressure easily and still be fairly mobile.  From half guard there is a growing number of sweeps and submissions that can be used that have taken it from a purely defensive position where we are just holding on to the trailing leg and delaying the inevitable pass to something more active.

In the video below, black belt Jamison Cummings shares with Bernardo Faria an easy back take from the knee shield.  Check it out below and we'll break it down!

 Starting the position from a standard sort of half guard which employees the knee shield and arm frame that competitors like Bernardo Faria and Tom DeBlass have built their games around, Jamison's positioning should look familiar to anyone who has done anything with half guard.

Where his approach begins to diverge from the run of the mill half guard to under hook techniques is that he captures control of the opponent's sleeve on the arm that controlling the hip or seeking an under hook of its own.  Then by kicking out his leg and turning the sleeve control into an arm drag, he is able to secure the hip, maintain control of the sleeve and take the back.

If you want more back take action, check out Gabriel Arges "Back Takes for Everyone" instructional series here at BJJ Fanatics available in DVD and On Demand options.  Become the human backpack you were meant to be with this champion Gracie Barra competitor's favorite back takes.






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