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Develop a Nightmarish Top game

Develop a Nightmarish Top game


ADCC, it’s widely known as the Olympics of grappling. BJJ’s most decorated super stars and high-level competitors from all corners of the globe, meet to engage in combat on a truly magnificent stage. It’s a showcase of the grappling arts like no other. With it’s exciting ruleset, and no-nonsense format, it’s easily one of the most entertaining spectacles in our sport.

Yuri Simoes is no stranger to the heat of ADCC combat. He’s a two-time champion at ADCC. Claiming titles in 2015 and 2017 in his weight class. Over the course of his career, He’s claimed victories over some of BJJ’s biggest names. He’s carved out a place in BJJ history for himself and will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

Yuri pursues the take down, unremittingly, and once he achieves position, seems to be stuck to his opponents like an unearthly adhesive. With a unique and energetic passing style, Yuri makes it difficult for his opponents to make sense of what’s coming next. In this video we get a glimpse of a few of his most exciting moments.

Notice the variety of take downs being strung together seamlessly, and the impeccable timing in which he executes them. It’s truly a beautiful thing. Once the fight hits the ground his opponents are greeted with heaping portions of heavy top pressure, a tough test for any competitor at the highest level.

Find out more about Yuri’s ruthless pressure in his new instructional, “High Efficiency No Gi Jiu-Jitsu Top Game”. It will undoubtedly add value and variety to your arsenal, and help you develop that beastly top game you’ve been working on!





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