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Training Leg Locks Safely

Training Leg Locks Safely


The landscape of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training has been evolving since the 80's when the Gracie family first came to America and helped set the Ultimate Fighting Championship as a phenomenon into motion.  Not since that time three decades ago has the jiu jitsu world changed as it has in the last five years or so with the explosion of the popularity of leg submissions and the notion of submission only competitions.

With these changes, more and more academies and students are being exposed to the world of leg locks and becoming quite successful employing them in competition.  The mystique and fear of leg locks is slowly beginning to fade away as they become more and more commonplace.  With this growth, there is still a healthy respect and reverence that must be maintained.

How we train leg locks at academies around the world will ultimately help spread the knowledge safely and effectively.  In the video below, one of the most successful and sought after MMA coaches in the sport and also a jiu jitsu black belt under John Danaher, Firas Zahabi shares his thoughts on how to train leg locks safely and effectively.  Check it out below.


 Pay close attention to the tips that Zahabi shares in this video.  Hold the heel hook for three seconds but do not rip the heel.  This alone could revolutionize the training of leg submissions.  In addition, the notion of securing it, then letting it go to develop solid plan B's whether those be sweeps or other positional adjustments will go a long way when you face a knowledgeable opponent who is able to defend your leg attacks well.

John Danaher, who is Firas Zahabi's BJJ instructor, recently opened his vault and let out all of the secrets that have made a rag tag group of grapplers superstars in the submission only world.  There is simply no other more sought after instructor when it comes to the lower body submission.  Get his "Leg Locks:  Enter the System" here at BJJ Fanatics.






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