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Revisit the Classic Arm Lock

Revisit the Classic Arm Lock


The arm bar from mount. One of the classic submissions in BJJ. When trying to apply the arm bar from the mount position, do you find that your opponent is sometimes able to thwart the attack by getting to his/her side and beginning to hip escape? Maybe you’re assisting them in the process.

Many times, the technique is taught from a more technical/modified mount position. WE cause our partner to roll to one side and adjust to them. Of course, this is not wrong, and in many cases, especially in a street fight or MMA scenario when strikes are being used, the person on the receiving end of the blows will most likely roll one way or another to prevent damage. Thus, giving up the armbar from this position.

But there may be another option that can make your armbar a little higher percentage.

Consider training the armbar in a manner that allows you to keep your partner flat on his/her back. Sometimes in an effort to move into position we drive our opponent to their side without even trying. This method where we keep our partner flat will require you to move yourself rather than moving your partner. Which in many cases can be much easier. I don’t know about you, but nearly every escape from a bottom position I’ve ever been shown requires that I hip escape and get on to my side. Keeping this theme in mind, it may make more sense to launch your armbar offense while your opponent is still flat. Here’s a video to better explain the details, Give it a shot! 

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