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Slick Reverse Triangle By Travis Stevens

Slick Reverse Triangle By Travis Stevens


Travis Stevens Double Leg Defense With Reverse Triangle

By many in the world of Jiu Jitsu and grappling are familiar with Travis Stevens. Stevens is considered to be one of the most successful American Judo Athletes in the history of martial arts. His list of accolades is long. In 2016, Stevens won the Silver medal at the Summer Olympics. He has continued the Judo tradition of his coach, Jim Pedro, who himself was an Olympic competitor. Travis Stevens has also won the prestigious Pan American games twice and has also been a National Champion on three separate occasions. Travis was awarded his BJJ black belt from famed John Danaher of Team Renzo Gracie. He has even been involved in training camps for UFC fighters such as Georges St. Pierre.

Travis Stevens got into judo almost by accident when he was a young boy at the age of 7. In multiple interviews Travis has stated that he signed up at a local youth center for sport and accidentally checked off the box for Judo in the list of sports he could take. It only took him one class to get hooked on the sport and martial art of judo.

Travis is well known for his work ethic, his jiu jitsu teammate Garry Tonon describes him as, “one of the only athletes in grappling who trains more than him,” as someone who is known for training up to 8 hours a day.


Though Travis ultimately considers judo his preferred sport because of its movements and aggression, he loves the creativity BJJ affords him. Ultimately his goal it to be a top level athlete in each sport that he practices, which makes him a great coach and mentor.

In the video below, US Olympian Travis Stevens shows a reverse triangle when a wrestler tries to use a double leg takedown. Watch the video and then we will break down the technique. Check it out now!

Travis Stevens starts from top of turtle position. His opponent shoots for the double and he stays up and over the top of the shoulder, basically being completely lifted off the ground. As his opponent drops him to the side he maintains contact with his back and pulls the opponent into him as his right leg goes underneath. With his other leg free he reaches up, grabs his own ankle and then locks up the reverse triangle and attacks the leg looking for a submission. This is a great counter to an opponent shooting double leg form turtle. Notice the big back step Travis takes to change his angle when his opponent dumps him. He is not just stepping back; he is reaching literally as far as he can before pulling him down into position making it easier to get his leg up and over, connecting it with his ankle. This is an important piece to getting into the proper position to lock up the reverse triangle.

You might want to drill this one a couple of times before you try it in a live roll. Get the feeling of taking that big step back as soon as your opponent dumps you, as well as bracing with your arm. Pull your opponent down to make it easier to secure the lock, you can use your free hand to help if you are not flexible enough to get your leg up and over on its own. From there either look for a leg lock or get into a better offensive position.

Travis Stevens Teaches You The Central Concepts, Principles & Grappling Hacks That Allowed Travis To Get His BJJ Black Belt In Almost Record Time – Just 18 Months Of Training: These Vital Jiu Jitsu Principles Will Speed Your Learning Curve Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

Travis’ Shortcuts Will Show You The Exact Path He Took To Become Perhaps The Most Well Rounded Grapplers On The Planet

Travis knows the vital concepts that make the difference between hitting a submission and not, sweeping a guy or not, passing or not and finishing or not. There are a few principles that you just might not have that could allow you to progress faster than you can believe right now. You might not be that far off… With about a year of experience in BJJ Travis used his principles and competed against some of the toughest guys on the planet and made the tournament finals twice



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