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Snatch the Kimura with Neil Melanson and K Control

Snatch the Kimura with Neil Melanson and K Control


To catch a good player, you need a good set up...

After years of being attacked we find ourselves and others to be pretty cognizant of the most common threats. We use our experience and our depth of knowledge to forecast what might be getting thrown our way. But sometimes a good bait will make us second guess or hesitate, and we get caught. We have to acquire ways to set these traps, so we can become more efficient at attacking those high-level guys at the academy who’ve seen everything. Often times it’s not the first move we throw at someone that gets them. It’s the second, third, fourth, maybe even further down the line.

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Check out this great set up for the kimura from Neil Melanson. He’s got a great formula here for setting up your opponent and taking advantage. He employs several important concepts, and what he refers to as K control to create an almost full proof off balancing situation that leads to the submission. Check it out!

Melanson begins in closed guard. He opens up his legs and shifts his hips into a position that almost resembles a closed guard knee shield. He also reaches his right arm under his partners far side leg. Melanson then uses the configuration of his body to bring his partner toward him and then off to the side, where he’ll be forced to post, and give up the wrist grip for the kimura. As his partner recovers, Melanson kicks his left leg through, uses his knee to trap and manipulate the shoulder, and takes the angle necessary to finish a kimura.

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There are some nice notes on the finish here. Melanson explains that the bottom arm, not the hand that’s gripping our partners wrist finishes the kimura. With the drop of that bottom elbow, and the extension of his leg, Melanson can finish the kimura with very minimal movement.

This technique has all the classic properties of solid sound jiu-jitsu. There’s pushing and pulling, off balancing, great angles, and no wasted movement. Great stuff!

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