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Sparring & Grappling with the Opposite Sex ft. Micah Brock and Tess Kielhamer

Sparring & Grappling with the Opposite Sex ft. Micah Brock and Tess Kielhamer


Be Mindful, Respectful, and Aware...

It is 2018 soon to be 2019 and for whatever reason, there are still guys who have a hard time training with women or the thought of training with women. Look at comments on the internet and you would assume it is impossible for men and women to train together, it looks like a bunch of remarks made by teens just starting puberty that cannot control their urges.

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Luckily most martial artist ignore gender and train accordingly based on their partners weight and experience level. Kwonkicker (Micah Brock) and Tess Kielhamer discuss this topic, explaining how they view the subject and how they go about their own training regarding partnering up with the opposite sex and what you can do to avoid training with people that do make you uncomfortable for whatever reason.

Summing up the video, you need to get over any strange feelings you have partnering with the opposite sex. If that is what you focus on in training it will make things awkward and honestly, when you are really training it is the last thing on your mind. What you are really focused on is not getting choked or kicked or whatever it may be that you are training. If you are a guy training with a woman, treat her with respect just like you would any other fighter, you go as hard as they go with you.

If you are a much larger person sparring or training with somebody smaller (regardless or their sex), you have to train appropriately, being careful not to hurt someone smaller than you. If you are a woman and you get a weird vibe from someone, do not train with them. If you feel your safety is at risk you have no obligation to train with somebody.

I hope this video helps and that we can all respect each other as martial artist and fighters.

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