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Easy Access Heel Hook With Craig Jones

Easy Access Heel Hook With Craig Jones


Leg lock entries can take place from all over. If you watch any modern leg lock specialist they find unique ways into a variety of leg entanglements. It can be difficult to see what actually is going on at full speed. Since it’s hard to ignore the leg lock game, making the process easier to learn is crucial for anyone looking to add some new weapons to their arsenal.

Breaking entries into two distinct categories will allow an easier time with the learning process. The two major entries take place on the passer who is standing and the passer who is on their knees. These situations have advantages and disadvantages about them.

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Entering in on the legs of a standing passer can be fairly easy since there is a lot of space for the entry to take place. The disadvantage of entering in on a standing passer is that the entanglement isn’t quite as deep. Entering the legs on a kneeling passer can require much more effort, usually in the form of an elevating hook. However, when the entry is complete it tends to be closer to the passers hips making the hold much tighter.

Craig Jones demonstrates a quick entry here utilizing the space the passer provides. In the video Craig utilizes a reverse De La Riva position with his knuckles against the back of his opponent’s ankle. This specific grip is used to help with the inversion as it will start to turn over allowing a deep hooking grip on the opponent’s ankle. This grip is crucial to allow the switch to happen. As Jones starts to invert, his opponent pulls his free leg away. This is by design because this allows the leg switch to take place.

As the opponent removes the free leg this allows Craig to insert into the saddle which leads to the opponent dropping their hips to the floor. How this happens is a couple of crucial details. First Jones relinquishes his De La Riva hook. Next he spins his hips away from his opponent. This creates space that he can utilize to switch his leg entanglement. As he re-enters his legs, he makes a strong point to emphasize what motion he is creating with his legs. Jones compares this motion to that of a scissor takedown.

When studying any “new” portion of your game that you feel is a weakness it’s important to have a simple starting point. When you have a smooth entry into uncharted territory you can learn some foundational principles that will help guide you further into the un known. As you learn a new position or strategy it can be confusing when watching a Craig Jones highlight because there is so many things happening at once. Break it down and make it more useable for you, because when you do you can take portions that you understand and apply them to more intricate techniques.

Craig Jones and his revolutionary approach to the Z-guard as well as his leg attacks has made him one of the most sought after minds in Jiu-Jitsu. 



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