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Stop Giving Up On The Kimura

Stop Giving Up On The Kimura

The kimura is one of the oldest submissions in the book and was introduced to Jiu Jitsu from Judo just like many other techniques. The kimura is a great submission not only because it is very effective at getting the tap but also because of its extensive versatility. The kimura can be attacked from a wide variety of positions including guard, side control, and so on.

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Although we learn to use the kimura very early on in our Jiu Jitsu careers, it still eludes many grapplers. Jiu Jitsu practitioners who do not focus on this submission fail to see many of the openings that exists and limit the diversity of their skillset. I always tell grapplers to spend a lot of time with the kimura because it is a submission that will stay with you for a life time.

Even grapplers who find the kimura frequently have a hard time finishing. If you find yourself with a kimura grip from top side control, you should pretty much always finish it. The problem is that grapplers don’t learn the right details or any details at all on how to finish it appropriately and just assume that if they land it, they will finish it.

Watch the following video by Harry Grech as he illustrates some of the most important details for finish the kimura from top side control:

The details you apply when finishing the kimura from top side control depend a lot on the position of the defender. If the defender has their other arm free and can use it as a frame, you need to use the details Harry discusses. If that arm is pinned however, you can cut an angle towards the head and finish it the way John Danaher does.

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