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Why You Should Buy Gordon Ryan’s Guard Passing DVD

Why You Should Buy Gordon Ryan’s Guard Passing DVD


Why You Should Buy Gordon Ryan’s Guard Passing DVD

Guard passing is a widely complex element of Jiu Jitsu with so much diversity and difficulty that it can be difficult to navigate, even for the experienced students. Because there are so many different types of guard, each with its own variations, there must be different types of passing. Some grapplers might say all you need is a few solid passes to be great, but what happens when those few passes fail?

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Just as there are numerous passing techniques, there are also a few different passing styles. The three big passing styles include fast passing, pressure passing, and using submissions to pass. At a seminar, Gordon mentioned that in order to be a great guard passer, you have to master one of those styles, but then said to be an elite guard passer, you have to master all three.

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Unfortunately, there are not many great resources online that encompass all three passing styles well, and even the ones that do don’t really explain how to connect them together. This is where Gordon’s new passing DVD shines; he covers all three passing styles very well but also does a great job showing you how to flow smoothly between the three.

Another reason I think Gordon’s passing DVD surpasses anything else out there on the market is that he doesn’t spend half the time talking about guard passes a blue belt can teach. Even in the first volume, he begins with explaining advanced ideas like breaking rubber guard. Most guard passing DVD’s out there spend too much time teaching techniques you already know, which is a huge turn off for me.

Finally, the last two volumes of Gordon’s guard passing DVD do something unique in that he shows rolls of him using the same techniques he teaches against skilled opponents. There is also some commentary explain some of what is going on, which can be very helpful to new students. Although the DVD set may seem pricey, I know for sure that it will help your passing game dramatically and would be a worthwhile investment.

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