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Stopping The Under Hook…Paul Schreiner Style!



Half guard players can be a tricky bunch. One wrong move and all of a sudden you are flipped over onto your back and getting crushed. Half guard players are usually excellent sweeping specialists who heavily rely on the under hook. The under hook gives a half guard specialist their power and their ability to perform techniques. If you want to learn how to stop those guys, then you will have to know how to stop the under hook. Marcelo Garcia black belt, Paul Schreiner has some of the best passing in the world. Here, he will show you how to stop the under hook. It is so simple, you won’t believe it. Check it out…

When playing the top position in half guard, there is a decent chance that your opponent will eventually get the under hook. But just because he gets the under hook, does not mean your goose is cooked. Many people who play in the top position will sit back and apply an over hook
(also known as a whizzer). But while the over hook can stall the guy on the bottom, by sitting up, your giving him the ability to dive under and work for a sweep. Why give up your foot or legs just to apply an over hook? Try this instead.

When your opponent gets the over hook, instead of sitting up, simply clamp your arm to his arm. Don’t apply the over hook, just clamp your arm to his, which will in turn keep it tight to his body. This also gives you a chance to make him feel your weight and keeps you in a better position. Now what you can do is bring your free arm over to the opponent’s over hooking arm. Take your free hand, grab his gi where his arm and shoulder meet, and pin it to the mat.

While you pin his shoulder down, you can then re-pummel your own under hook to completely flatten him out. You can then put your head to the mat and start working a pass. This technique is so simple, it’s almost silly. But that’s the thing. Sometimes the simplest route can be the most effective. Paul Schreiner is one of the best BJJ instructors in the United States. If you want to understand his passing game more in depth then check out his DVD…

Precise Pressure Passing by Paul Schreiner. Click here!


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