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The Best Single Leg X (SLX) Sweep



One of the more neglected open guard styles is the single leg x guard (SLX). It is often passed over for other open guards such as De La Riva or spider guard. But the single leg x is a fantastic guard. It leads into foot locks and sweeps. For those reasons alone, the single leg x is a pretty strong position to play. Many people play it as the leg entanglement position, but you can also use it as a strong sweeping position. One of the best sweeps from single leg x is also the easiest. Here is how you can use this super easy sweep…

Pick an entry

One of the coolest aspects of the single leg x guard is that there are so many ways of getting into it. These entries can make your guard even better because you will know how to get into it in a variety of ways. But pick one to start. In the video above, the instructor shows it from a shin to shin position. I myself, like to start in butterfly guard and hit it when my opponent stands up. So find your favorite entry and drill it nonstop.

Leg on the inside, leg on the outside

Now that you know how to get into the SLX, let’s talk about some of the technical aspects of the guard. You will need to shoot one leg on the outside and one leg on the inside. Your outside leg needs to come in and then out, with your foot on the opponent’s hip. Your heel should be facing inwards toward the hip. Your inside leg will be in between both of the opponent’s legs, with your shin and knee sticking out. For the best control, your heel should be able to touch your knee. In the video, he says to pinch your knees together, but SLX specialists like Eddie Cummings advocate pinching your knee to heel. Choose what you feel works best for you.

Clamp the leg & hips up

Once you have entered the SLX and you have your legs in proper place, you will be ready to attempt the sweep. With your arm, you will need to clamp it against the leg that you’re attacking, Do not try to “head lock” the ankle. You simply clamp your elbow and forearm against the ankle. This will take away any of the small movement that he will need to try and keep balance. When you’re ready to sweep, you need to blast your hips upward. It will completely unbalance your opponent and knock him over. From there you can either pop up and work a pass, or you can go for a foot lock. The choice is yours.

The single leg x is a fundamental and technical open guard. The beauty of it is that it isn’t too complicated either. From white belt to black belt, you will be able to use it in the gym and in competition. Felipe Pena, who is one of the best black belt competitors in the world is a user of the SLX. If you want to become a strong user of the SLX then check out…

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