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Powerful Armbar From North South



The north south position is a submission only position. Since it is a dominant top position, there are no sweeps. It is a position where you can throw some quick and devastating submissions at your opponent. The most well known one is the north south choke, but one of the fastest submissions that you can use is the armbar. Yes, the armbar works beautifully from the north south position. You can use it to end a match in no time. See how you can use the armbar to beat any opponent from the north south position…

Arm control & use your weight

When you get to the north south position, depending on what attack you want to do, there are different arm control positions. For this armbar, you will want to use an under hook on his right arm, and simply keep your left arm over his to keep him in place. Since this is a top position, you can really make him feel your weight and pressure. Don’t just lay your stomach on his face.  Bring your stomach out to under hook side and press it onto his face. Make him as uncomfortable as you can.

Head to hip & walk up

Once you are in position, you don’t want to try and jump into the armbar. It will be sloppy that way and you will not only lose the armbar but you will lose the position as well. Since you are under hooking his right arm, you will need to bring the top of your head to his left hip bone. After you’ve done that, you need to walk your legs and hip up. You should be in the tripod position.

Sit back & armbar

Now that you are up in the tripod postion, you are ready to strike. You will need to sit back on his right side, which is the same side that you under hooked his arm. Your left leg should be over his face, while your right shin should be in the opponent’s ribs. Your shin will act as a ramp to pull him up for leverage. Pinch your knees together, hips up and pull down the arm to finish the armbar.

Armbars are a classic grappling technique. Every grappling style has their version of the armbar. The longest running joke online is “Rickson by armbar”. It is effective, and it especially powerful from the north south position. Use it to finish anyone that you can get in the north south position. If you want to improve these powerful submission attacks then check out…

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