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Street-wise Chokes from Eli Knight

Street-wise Chokes from Eli Knight



For the beginning Jiu Jitero, there's always a nagging question about whether Jiu Jitsu will translate well to a real-world street fight.  

A simple google search for "the best martial art for a street fight" will show you how many people have had the same question and concerns.  Such a search produces a ton of articles and videos making the case back and forth for different practices.

Most of these search results recommend a grappling art as the most useful for real-world self-defense, but even in the world of Jiu Jitsu, different instructors and players focus on different things.  

Some Jiu Jiteros focus exclusively upon Jiu Jitsu as a competition sport.  And while some of their moves would translate to a street situation, the emphasis on points would be less than helpful.

However, for those who want to approach Jiu Jitsu from a self-defense perspective, Eli Knight offers a practical application of BJJ skills for personal protection in his Jiu Jitsu Based Self-Defense Solutions


Knight offers a sample of his self-defense instruction in the video below, demonstrating two choke strategies useful for street situations.


Knight begins in a clinch situation since clinches happen regularly in a fight.  Ideally, Knight would prefer to have double underhooks on his adversary to facilitate takedowns, but more often, we would find ourselves in an over-under position with only one underhook.

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In this case, Knight sets up a choke by taking advantage of his attacker's underhook.  On the same side as his opponent's underhook, Knight uses his head to push against the chin/neck of his opponent (0:42).  

While Knight uses his right hand to block punches, he sidesteps while wrapping his left arm around his attacker's underhook.  This wrenches his attacker's shoulder (0:55).

Knight then attacks the jaw with his right elbow and, after striking the jaw, brings his arm around the back of his opponent's head, setting up a guillotine choke.

Knight then locks the guillotine with his left hand, making sure that his elbow is pointing forward (1:06).

To gain extra leverage, Knight would press his attacker against a wall, if one is nearby.

Knight then demonstrates a second choke for street situations.  This time, he begins in the same over-under position, but capitalizes on the fact that his attacker does not have a strong overhook on Knight's arm.  


Knight first wants to make space, and he does so by hitting his attacker with his shoulder (1:36) to push him away.  Then, Knight uses his overhooking hand (his left, in this case) to push his adversary's head down (1:41).  

As he pushes his opponent's head down, Knight catches his head with his right arm, preparing the choke.  Knight then grabs his right wrist with his left hand and brings his left elbow over his attacker's back.

Bringing his elbow over the back locks the choke in place but also prevents his attacker from reaching over Knight's shoulder and lessening the pressure of the choke.

A third option from the clinch begins, like the first choke, with Knight attempting to wrench his attacker's shoulder.  This time, though, his attacker brings his arm down in reaction to pressure.  

Knight uses this to his advantage, pinning his attacker's bent arm between his own left arm and torso (2:44).  He then swings his opponent around by jerking his left arm as though he was throwing a left hook.

His attacker is caught by this momentum and swings around Knight and falling right into the set up for another guillotine choke (2:47).

From here, Knight cinches up the guillotine by locking the choke and bringing his elbow over his attacker's back.

Overall, Knight's demonstration offers compelling evidence that Jiu Jitsu would translate well to a street conflict.

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