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Sweep Big Guys With Ease

Sweep Big Guys With Ease


Is this the best BJJ sweep for smaller grapplers vs big strong monster grapplers?

Bruno Malfacine, 8x World BJJ Champion, and who Bernardo Faria considers the GOAT of Jiu Jitsu teaches how to sweep bigger strong opponents from butterfly guard.

Acccording to Bernardo Fario, Bruno does these sweeps at 135 lb against heavy weight, including world champion ultra heavy weight IBJJF World Champions.


Bruno Malfacine shares one of his favorite and most effective jiu jitsu sweep techniques against bigger opponents.

His principle is always to use his bigger opponent's weight against him. He sets up this technique from butterfly guard, but uses his smaller frame to fit inside and under the larger opponent's body.

This simple butterfly sweep involves fitting underneath, and attacking the gi pants at the knee level. The sweep itself is just a simple technical stand up combined with good principles of jiu jitsu.

He uses the pushing energy that his opponent is giving to get up to his feet. For lighter guys, this technique might work at lot better because it is easier to get back to his feet and sweep.

If you watch Bruno enter in on this sweep, you can tell he's hit this jiu jitsu sweep 1000s of times during rolling and matches.

Being a small guy can be an advantage in jiu jitsu. If you are looking to add some tips and tricks for smaller grapplers to your jiu jitsu game, check out World Champion, Matheus Gonzaga's DVD "The lightweight guard."Learning how to keep heavy guys off of you is not only good for light guys but also for heavy guys. So you should check out this videos series regardless of size, skill, age, etc.


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