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Take And Control The Back Like The King Gordon Ryan

Take And Control The Back Like The King Gordon Ryan


Gordon Ryan Back Control System

Gordon Ryan, a pupil of the infamous Danaher Death Squad, is a well know Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player. If you are familiar with the Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBI) tournaments, you will have likely seen him compete at one point or another, and probably win more than once. There is a reason he is a member of the Danaher Death Squad. He has a high level mastery over precision jiu jitsu. Originally known for their leg lock precision, the Danaher Death Squad is also notorious for their back control system, known as the straight jacket. What is the straight jacket? Good question. The straight jacket is a system for controlling and attacking an opponent’s back in order to submit with a rear naked choke. It is a high level, very effective way of dominating someone from their back.

Attacking The Back is not as easy as you think. In fact, John Danaher thinks the modern BJJ methods of attacking the back are flawed. His System of Attacking The Back has created some of the best submission hunters and finishers in the world.


In the video below we will see a demonstration of Gordon Ryan’s back control techniques that he utilizes from Danaher’s straight jacket. Watch the video now and then we will discuss the technique. Check it out!

From the traditional control of your choking arm, Gordon reaches through and controls the far side arm with the under hook. Then he secures the near side arm with the over hook. From here Gordon is falling to the under hook side. The benefit here is that the mat is now a source of pressure for your frame. Which is forcing the opponent’s under hook arm upwards. The creates space that allows you to bring your leg over, trapping the arm from the top. From here Gordon applies a 2 on 1 to secure the arm, tucks it down, and now the neck is vulnerable and can’t be easily defended.

Powerful back control in the style of Gordon Ryan! This is a great technique that is very effective no matter what your level of experience is. So give this one a shot the next time you are in a live roll!

The Danaher Death Squad Athletes are some of the best back attackers in the world. There is a system that they follow from John that gives them the blueprint to become the highest rated finishers in EBI History. John Danaher Shates the Secrets of Back Attacks With One Of the Greatest Jiu Jitsu Minds of our generation with his 8+ hour DVD / On Demand Series: Back Attacks Enter The System



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