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Take the Mount Like a Pro with Stan Beck

Take the Mount Like a Pro with Stan Beck


Simple, Yet Effective Transition To The Mount!

Taking the mount in a haphazard fashion from side control can land you in quite a bit of trouble. So often we see students trying to be greedy and step over to the mount too quickly without addressing their opponents defenses, frames, head position, etc. A tight mount take is absolutely necessary if you wish to achieve the position with security.

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There are many methods, but there will always be principles that have to be adhered to if you hope to make your mount take successful. Check out this video from Stan Beck. Beck is a black belt under Renzo Gracie, and here he offers some insight into how he prefers to take the mount. Have a look!

Beck definitely covers all his bases here. He first uses well placed shoulder pressure to assist in keeping his partner flat, and gaining the most control possible. Once the one-handed side control and shoulder pressure has been achieved he looks to thread his arm through the legs. This will keep his partners knees facing away from him, and negate the hip escape.

Beck stays low and heavy with his hips as he travels around to the front side of his partners body. He then inserts his knee in between his partners legs, much in the style of a smash pass. This next detail will cement the mount take, and give it another level of control. Beck acquires a second under hook before completing the mount. If you’ve ever been controlled with two under hooks by someone who knows what they’re doing, then you know how difficult it is to deal with. His left knee then moves to his partners arm pit, and he takes a step over to the mount.

Beck follows up with a nice armbar from the mount position. Taking the mount in this way will put you in stellar position to for the armbar, as your opponents’ elbows will be away from their body and highly attackable.

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Keep this detail-oriented mount take in mind the next time you’re attempting to take the top position. Beck has laid out all the incremental answers for a successful transition to the mount.

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