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Simplifying Systems In Jiu-Jitsu

Simplifying Systems In Jiu-Jitsu


A Systems Approach Will Simplify Complex Problems...

With a constant stream of content released by John Danher it is easy to tell the benefit to having “systems” based approach. Having systems of attack has a multitude of benefits and it clearly shows with the talent that has emerged from the blue basement under Danaher’s tutelage.

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A blueprint is necessary when it comes to applying systems of inter locking techniques that result in the eventual submission. Systems can be very complex but for simplicity's sake let's break the system into three parts: exposure, repetition, and application.

Initially we are exposed to a technique or set of techniques. This exposure could be by your instructor, rolling sessions, and of course online instructionals. Depending on the instructors style they will break a technique down into smaller more digestible chunks. This could be as simple as Step 1, step 2, etc. For some this could be short phrase verbal cues. Making complex moves more memorable helps with the learning process.

When learning new techniques and strategies a system based approach seems best. Starting slow and getting plenty of repetitions is crucial when it comes to absorbing moves so they become usable for you. Repetitions are crucial here. Depending on your gym’s class schedule and amount mat time you have getting as many “well practiced” reps as possible. Well practiced would be in reference to how well the technique was performed. If certain critical elements of the move aren’t properly executed poor habits start to form.

Application of systems could be the most difficult. Specialized training helps applying a system based approach. If your goal is to start getting better at front headlocks you had better be able to force the issue, or otherwise you might not get to practice that specific part. Forcing specialized training allows both the defense of the attacks as well as the offensive portion.

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Rolling and competition are the ultimate form of application. This is where all of the systems you’ve developed can show. It also can be the place where you can pinpoint weaknesses to work on.  

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