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Talking about the Shin Whizzer DVD with Neil Melanson and Ricky Lundell

Talking about the Shin Whizzer DVD with Neil Melanson and Ricky Lundell


Why BJJ Practitioners Should Consider Adding Wrestling to their Training.

Ricky Lundell: Why should BJJ practitioners add wrestling techniques to their training.

Neil Melanson: Wrestling is so much more than strength and a scramble.  The techniques are designed to teach the art of being a hunter.  What I mean by that is that wrestlers are known to hunt for their submissions.  BJJ practitioners are taught to catch their submissions. The ultimate ground fighter is both a hunter and a catcher.

Ricky Lundell: Why is the Shin Whizzer DVD a great place to begin a crossover experience between BJJ and wrestling?

Neil Melanson: The shin whizzer is an unbelievable transitional piece between BJJ and wrestling.  It allows for the BJJ practitioner to be in the half-guard position, giving them time to get comfortable with fighting outside of the guard.  

Ricky Lundell: Shin whizzers are not commonly used in BJJ.  College wrestlers use shin whizzers.

Neil Melanson: The shin whizzer is similar to the labor and pressure you would feel from a wrestling whizzer, like an overhook whizzer, except you are on top of your opponent.  Your body weight is used against them, obviously causing debilitating pressure from the weight.

Ricky Lundell: I love this set up.

Neil Melanson: My style is to use it as part of the half guard.  If I get up, getting above my opponent and they counter, I will counter by giving them the single leg.  Because the under hook is not possible, the only thing they can do is do a shin whizzer grip if I am still sitting up.

Ricky Lundell: And the moment they grab your leg…

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Neil Melanson: …I lock the shin whizzer.  Then a simple arm crank brings the tap.

Ricky Lundell: You could also do a shin whizzer tilt for a leg lock.

Neil Melanson: For sure.  I like step overs (back step) using some judo moves.  There is a plethora of stuff you can use from these techniques that are great fun and very effective.

Ricky Lundell: BJJ practitioners can use the Shin Whizzer DVDs to learn how to defend a single leg.

Neil Melanson: Absolutely.  It teaches BJJ practitioners how to get up from guard which is how to do a single leg wrestling defense.  

Ricky Lundell: While in half guard, you are so busy getting your opponent back on the mat, you can’t catch a move.

Neil Melanson: Exactly.  You can’t attack the neck, catch a triangle or pass the guard.

Ricky Lundell: Of course, when guys like you, Neil, try to stand up…

Neil Melanson: They grab my leg.  Then I grab their leg, sprawling on top of them. (Laughing).  I always enjoy the look of surprise on their faces.

Ricky Lundell: Having all 265 pounds of you on top is going to be a bad day for sure unless they have some strength in their back pocket.

Neil Melanson: Yeah.  Having the strength to lift me off would be an important skill to have at that moment. (Laughing)

Ricky Lundell: As I like to say, strength is important during that magic moment of transition.

Neil Melanson: It makes all the difference for the professional fighter or hobbyist.  Timing is the key.

Ricky Lundell: Giving the BJJ practitioner the technique and strength to return an opponent who is on top right to their back, finishing the takedown.  That is the best feeling in the world.

Neil Melanson: Yes.  When BJJ practitioners have those skills, their ground fighting game improves substantially.  For example, if you are in a street fight, you want the confidence to fight using every angle while taking advantage of all types of leverage.

Ricky Lundell: Truth.

Neil Melanson: For fellow truth seekers out there in the BJJ community, the Shin Whizzer DVD is a perfect place to start learning about wrestling. 

Neil Melanson is a military veteran and retired Federal Agent.  He has more than 17 years of grappling experience and is a Blackbelt in the Hayastan Grappling System under the legend Judo Gene LeBell and Gokor Chivichyan.  Even though Neil is an MMA coach by trade, he is known for being a ground fighting specialist. Neil has coached many professional MMA athletes, most known for his work with Randy Couture.  Has coached top teams such as Xtreme Couture, Alliance MMA, and the Blackzilians. Neil currently has 9 instructional DVDs on grappling available at as well as an instructional book called “Mastering Triangle Chokes” which is available on                                                                                                      

Ricky Lundell is a 4th degree Gracie BJJ Blackbelt under Pedro Sauer ((8th Degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coral Belt under legendary Grand Master Helio Gracie and Master Rickson Gracie) and wrestled for Iowa State University under Cael and Cody Sanderson (Olympic Gold Medalist in Wrestling and 4X All American Collegiate Wrestler).  Ricky is the author of the 1% Better Every Day Strength Training System DVD on bjjfanatics and 1% Better Every Day, Ricky Lundell’s Personal Guide to Back Squats, available at BJJ Fanatics!



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