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Tap Your Opponent Using Only Pressure From Side Control

Tap Your Opponent Using Only Pressure From Side Control


Sergio Penha: Tap Your Opponent Using Only Pressure From Side Control

Side control is one of the most common positions to attack submissions from, but did you know you can submit your opponent using only pressure? Most of us will attack the arm or look to transition into another position, but why not crush your opponent with some brutal pressure, and leave him feeling like a little wuss? Hey, if it works it is good. So there is no shame in getting the tap this way!

Are you are sick of these guys getting under and sweeping you and you just want to smash the crap out of them?? Learn the science of destroying jiu jitsu guard players with this battle tested pressure system with Bernardo Faria.


Watch the video below where legendary old school Jiu Jitsu master Sergio Penha shows us how to use unbearable pressure to get a submission from side control. After wards we will break down his technique. Check it out now!

Sergio Penha is one of the grandfathers of jiu jitsu and considered one of the all time greats. So you know what he is demonstrating will be effective. What I love about old schoolers like Penha is his passion for jiu jitsu fundamentals, have mastered simple techniques using an incredibly high level of precision and technique. Sergio starts off immediately by switching from the classic side control position into kesa gatame. Pause the video here and take note of his posture. Kesa gatama is a super effective position but if you do not have good posture your weight will not be distributed over your opponent and he will be able to destabilize your base and even escape. Penha’s toes are digging into the ground, his hips are up and his entire upper body pins his opponent to the earth all the while with a tight grip on the opponent’s arms, stopping him from grabbing the collar and getting any semblance of a defensive grip.

It does not matter if your opponent tries to scramble. There is too much pressure on his chest making it too difficult to have any explosive power. This is why the kesa gatama is such a great position for submitting. You have the power of pressure, making it difficult for him to breathe or even maneuver. You have taken away all his defensive options, and at this point he should be thinking he’s F**KED!!

Notice how active Penha’s hips are when squeezing his opponent with pressure. Even if the guy on bottom goes to get his leg over your head it will not matter because of the amount of pressure. Kesa gatama is a truly brutal and efficient position. Most of the guys you roll with will be looking to defend an arm bar or try to reverse the position. So while they think they are safe there for a second, planning their next attack and working up the energy to explode, take the air out of their lungs with this intense pressure control and force them to tap. Give this a shot the next time you are on the mats!

Bernardo Faria is the master of PRESSURE... especially when it comes to passing the Jiu Jitsu Guard. He has succesfully utilized his pressure passing system on guys like Leandro Lo, Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu, Erberth Santos and many more. Bernardo's system is easy to use, and easy to learn and requires NO flexibility, NO athleticism, NO strength, and virtually NO skill, just let him guide you



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