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Tear the Calf with Bruno Malfacine!

Tear the Calf with Bruno Malfacine!


Who is Bruno Malfacine?

If you do not know who Bruno Malfacine is, keep reading and watch the video. Bruno is a 10-time IBJJF World Champion. Bruno Malfacine is known for his highly technical style, having the ability to defeat larger stronger grapplers. Bruno Malfacine would receive his Black Belt from Vinicius Amaral, Bruno would later go on to train under Fabio Gurgel of Alliance Team. Malfacine is widely considered the greatest Roosterweight of all time!

What is a Calf Slicer?

The Calf Slicer is an extremely painful and oftentimes sneaky submission that can be used from a number of positions, typically using either your forearm or shin bone to apply pressure that if not relieved can actually slice through the calf muscle or the connecting tendons. The Calf Slicer is a submission that can seemingly come out of nowhere and the pain is immediate.

Calf Slicer by Bruno Malfacine!


Technique Breakdown

The starting position for the Calf Slicer is from right leg forward passing position, entangled in the opponent’s De La Riva Guard. Bruno Malfacine begins by getting gi grips on the opponents shin and showing the footwork for the Calf Slicer. Bruno pivots in on his right foot while stepping his left foot back and around to his right, almost as if he was drawing a circle in the sand. Once Bruno brings his left leg back he immediately brings it back in to shelve the opponent’s ankle on the top of his left knee to control the opponent’s foot. 

Once you understand the footwork needed to get in position, Bruno Malfacine then explains that you must get under their second leg at the same time. Once Bruno makes his step and shelves the foot he will use his left hand to lift under the opponent’s ankle to elevate it. Once the foot is elevated Bruno Malfacine must get his head under the leg. You can not keep the opponent’s foot elevated forever so this part must be done kind of quickly. While Bruno dives his head under the opponent’s thigh, his right arm simultaneously reaches over the opponent’s right hip and the left arm goes under the hip. Right away Bruno catches a Gable Grip and is laying on his left ribs.

While Bruno Malfacine is doing the above with his upper body, his lower body has a job as well. Bruno must lock a triangle with his legs as his head dives under the leg and his hands catch a Gable grip. Notice how he uses his hips to turn into the opponent as he falls down. Once Bruno is on the ground his right knee must stay pointed up to ensure the legs will apply pressure and control the opponent.

To finish the Calf Slicer, Bruno Malfacine uses his Gable Grip at the opponent’s hips to pull them in tight. Bruno must keep the opponent’s hips pinned to his chest. Once the hips are pulled in, Bruno will lift his hips into the opponent while maintaining his triangle lock configuration. Notice that while Bruno is driving his hips into the opponent, he is also continuing to open his right knee, this helps cut your shin into the opponent’s leg.

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