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Techniques from the Closed Guard

Techniques from the Closed Guard


What is the BEST guard? This question can stir quite the debate among the Jiu-Jitsu community, and rightfully so. For one the question has a lot of variables. BUT in this blog we are going to talk about why Closed Guard is KING among other guards. 

First off, if you were to pick a position that exemplifies Jiu-Jitsu the Closed Guard is an easy choice. Why? The early UFC saw the first mainstream mixing of martial arts styles in a battle for the finish. The Closed Guard was used over and over by the sport’s earliest star Royce Gracie. Perhaps most significantly when he defeated Dan “The Beast” Severn with a Triangle Choke at UFC 4. Severn outweighed Gracie by nearly 100 pounds. So the notion of a smaller person defeating a larger person is always going to garner some attention. 

Secondly, the Closed Guard has stood the test of time across multiple formats of combat. The Closed Guard is utilized by many top competitors in MMA, Gi Jiu-Jitsu, and perhaps most notably No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu. No-Gi has helped popularize Jiu-Jitsu much like the early days of the UFC. Some of the most popular grapplers today are No-Gi Specialists. With athletes like Gordon Ryan, Nicky Ryan, and Nick Rodriguez  it's easy to see why. 

Another major reason why the Closed Guard is the King of guards is because today’s top athletes are focusing a lot of attention on it because of its practicality. Athletes like Gordon Ryan, Jake Mackenzie, and Tom DeBlass. Gordon Ryan has released his second Instructional with BJJFANATICS. Systemizing Closed Guard is out TODAY.  So if you’ve been looking to catch up with the CLASSICS with a modern approach, NOW IS THE TIME. 

Gordon needs no introduction if you’ve been following Jiu-Jitsu any time recently. The guy keeps an intense schedule, and is constantly competing. After his first instructional Systematically changed GUARD PASSING, he turned his sights on the Closed Guard. Check out some of his techniques from Systemizing Closed Guard down below!

The arm drag is a classic closed guard technique. You have probably trained it a million times, but you probably picked up a new detail or nuance to the technique right? If you are being truthful to yourself the answer is probably YES. Gordon Ryan has a unique approach to teaching that is authentic and backed by one of the best competitive records EVER. Even with this classic arm drag you can see the next layers of technique and tactics involved that only Gordon can provide. 

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Here is another example of a “basic” technique totally refreshed by  Ryan’s unique approach to grip fighting and setting up the submission. Once again this is probably a technique you’ve done thousands of times, but probably never quite like that. So it’s a great time to be a Jiu-Jitsu fan especially if getting to closed guard is one of your main priorities. A great detail to take away from this short clip,pulled directly from Systemizing Closed Guard, is how Gordon starts to utilize a knee pull to get his partner’s base forward. This makes swinging into the Arm Bar much more manageable, and with a higher finish rate!

Gordon Ryan has already changed the course of Jiu-Jitsu with his Guard Passing DVD now he is set to do the same with the Closed Guard! Systemizing Closed Guard will provide the road map to success when in Closed Guard. Update your classic Closed Guard technique with a modern HIGH PERCENTAGE approach to attacking from Closed Guard!



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