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The 2 Important Keys For Getting Better At Jiu Jitsu

The 2 Important Keys For Getting Better At Jiu Jitsu


2 Keys To Improving Your Jiu Jitsu

In the world of jiu jitsu there will be many different opinions from many different BJJ practitioners on what it takes to get good at jiu jitsu. There are a large percentage of students who will step on the mat for the first time, but never make it to the highly sought out level of black belt.

Of course, there are many different legitimate reasons a student ceases to continue their jiu jitsu journey, but it could be argued that the majority who quit do so because of frustration. In a society where we are conditioned to seek instant gratification via social media, fast food, over night shipping, etc., the pace and time involved in mastering jiu jitsu is not something many people are willing to stick with. In addition to this, most people have the innate ability to over complicated things. We all do it. It is a part of what makes us human. But improving in jiu jitsu is largely about staying focused on the basic fundamentals and details.

This brings to mind a quote I once heard from the legendary General George Patton:

“An imperfect plan implemented immediately and violently will always succeed better than a perfect plan.”

Having solid foundations in jiu jitsu is one of the most important keys to victory in Jiu jitsu and all martial arts.


This is probably counter intuitive to the way most people think. But for General Patton, the perfect plan could be worked out ad nauseum, and still be nowhere near effective as an immediate decision and call to action. Now apply this to your jiu jitsu training. Sure, you could spend countless hours researching, watching videos, studying, even asking people questions, but the reality of the situation is that is all comes down to how much time you spend on the maths. This is key to improving upon your jiu jitsu game.

Let’s take a look at what UFC analyst, jiu jitsu black belt, comedian, and podcaster Joe Rogan has to say about improving your jiu jitsu. Check out the video below.

Now how exactly do we take the advice of Joe Rogan and General George Patton and put it into practice? Well, that is very simple. We should ask ourselves what is actually going on if we are spending more time talking about or planning our training that actually training. As great and powerful as the human mind is, it can also be critically debilitating when it comes to over thinking certain circumstances. And sometimes this will actually prevent us from putting in the work that needs to get done. The truth there is very little which may be a good substitute for time spent on the mats doing drilling and sparring.

That brings us to Joe Rogan’s methodolgy. Rogan postulates that most people feel the key to improving your jiu jitsu is to go out there and find the most talented, the toughest guy in the room and spar with him over and over. But this is a highly ineffective method, and you’d actually be better off practicing with a ton of different people who are only at blue belt level. You will sharpen your skills much more by putting in a lot of work figuring out how to submit these students who in reality do not necessarily know much more than you, but they know enough to be difficult to submit. Conversely, for the blue belt level student, it is imperative to recognize that there truly is a distinct difference between their belt level and the level of higher color belts or black belts. High level practitioners of jiu jitsu will be able to capitalize quicker on smaller openings with more efficiency. And this should give the blue belt confidence that with enough time and attention they too will be able to develop that skill.

Joe Rogan also discusses the importance of drilling to improve your jiu jitsu game. He states that the most effective way to do this is to drill with people who are of a similar belt level and experience. In doing this you will greatly ensure that you are getting the best and most realistic responses to your techniques from your training partner.

Think about these two fundamental keys to improving your jiu jitsu game the next time you are on the mat. Ask yourself, “how do I approach jiu jitsu?” Having a firm understanding of the way you learn, and what works best for your style of learning will give you the keys to success.


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