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Dive Into The BJJ Guard With Rafael Formiga

Dive Into The BJJ Guard With Rafael Formiga


The BJJ Guard: Defense, Sweeps, & Pass Counters: Formiga BJJ

In this episode of Formiga BJJ Q&A - It's ALL about the BJJ Guard, especially half guard.  The BJJ Guard is one the most dynamic positions to play in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the best BJJ Black Belts in the world have an incredible Jiu-Jitsu Guard.  Formiga is known for his powerful butterfly guard sweeps and his x-guard game.

Formiga's guard is nearly impassable. His ability to stay connected and attack from the butterfly guard is a thing of beauty. Click the learn more button to discover some of the tricks and tips Formiga uses to develop an impassable guard.


Formiga BJJ Q&A Technique Breakdown:

00:00 - How to regain an open guard or closed guard when your opponent has you flattened out in bottom Jiu-Jitsu half guard?  Formiga also shares one of his best BJJ half guard sweeps when flattened out.

02:01 - Deep Half Guard Jiu-Jitsu Sweep when your opponent sprawls back and is heavy on your hips.  Formiga shows how to regain and set-up the deep half guard position and sweep from there.

03:28 - How to Escape from Turtle Guard when your opponent has double under controls?  Formiga shows how to do a BJJ Turtle Guard Sweep to top side control.

05:14 - How to defend against the BJJ Bull Fighter Pass?  Formiga shows how to defend against the guard pass, and then pull your opponent back into the jiu-jitsu butterfly guard and setup butterfly guard sweeps from there.

06:38 - What to do in half guard when your opponent has your back?  Formiga shows how to do a backward roll half guard sweep or get back into deep half guard to sweep.

08:10 - Formiga BJJ Training Highlight - BJJ Highlight Video from the training session

Rafael Formiga Barbosa is one of the most dynamic and exciting guard players in the world. His butterfly guard and x-guard are legendary... AND he's always full of useful tips and golden nuggest to help you evolve your BJJ Game. If you're looking to add more butterfly guard concepts, defense and attacks to your jiu jitsu game, check out Formiga's Butterfly Guard DVD / On Demand Series.



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