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The 92 Double Sleeve Guard

The 92 Double Sleeve Guard


Have you ever heard of the 92 double sleeve guard?  If you haven’t it may be a game changing guard that can take your Jiu Jitsu to the next level.  The 92 double sleeve guard was invented by Jay Wadsworth, he is a black belt and is also a police officer for the NYPD.  Jay is an amazing bjj practitioner and has won several major competitions at the black belt level proving his 92 double sleeve guard effective.  So what is the 92 double sleeve guard?  Why don’t you check out this video below and see for yourself.


Breakdown of Jay Wadsworth’s Guard

So as we can see above this guard is extremely grip dependent it is not very focused on lower body placement.  So for example, you can play the 92 guard from half guard, full guard,  DLR, Butterfly, feet on the hips, and so many places.  So the 92 guard is essentially a grip, it could be referred to as the 92 grip.  And to take it a step further, the 92 grip is a 2 on 1.  Many people in bjj history have been infamous for using a 2 on 1 grip.  One person that comes to mind that has always used a 2 on 1 grip is Marcelo Garcia.  Marcelo has an entire system from the 2 on 1.

So what differentiates the Jay Wadsworth 92 Double Sleeve Guard?  Well Jay uses this grip primarily when his opponent is on their knees.  This is because it allows him to have an excellent source of control and he can use it to sweep and submit his opponent.  Many times to defend this position, his opponent will stand at which point Jay will set up a De La Riva or a spider guard (other preferred guards for Jay). 

So this guard is very good to nullify any weight advantage your opponent may have and to beat many people that like to pass on the knees.  There are so many sweeps and submissions that you can do from this position.  Some very easy back takes are also readily available from the 92 double sleeve guard.

So if you want to learn some more of Jay’s best tricks from the 92 double sleeve guard, check out his DVd set “92 Double Sleeve Guard.”  In these videos Jay will divulge his entire system and you can learn all of his tricks and tips.  


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