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The Bernardo Faria Academy in Bedford, MA Has opened Its Doors

The Bernardo Faria Academy in Bedford, MA Has opened Its Doors


5x Adult Black Belt World Champion, Bernardo Faria has finally opened his new academy in Bedford, MA.  This academy is one of the most unique academies in the entire world and will surely become one of the most popular training destinations.  Bedford, MA is located right near Boston, MA and is near the north shore area of Massachusetts.  You can check out more on the academy here.

Bernardo is known for being one of the nicest and most charismatic people in Jiu Jitsu both on and off of the mats.  He has a desire to help others, an extremely radiant smile, and positive energy.  Bernardo is not only one of the nicest people there is in the Jiu Jitsu community, but he is one of the best competitors there ever was.  Famous for his half guard and his over under passing, many people love to play his game because it is simple, effective and does not require any athleticism, flexibility, or abnormal physical characteristics.

Bernardo’s style is easily implemented by anybody of any age, weight, skill level, and gender, all students of Bernardo’s are sure to progress rapidly and implement his game.  Training at this academy will be an extremely unique experience given the facility.  Bernardo was able to convert a home into a state of the art world class facility.  Many people had assumed that Bernardo would want a mega warehouse to fit hundreds of people but that does not suit his personality. Bernardo’s academy will offer 3 separate mat areas that you will be guaranteed personal instruction from him or the other instructors.  Check out a video of the academy below.

This style and academy is fitting to the man that Bernardo is.  He wants people to get his undivided attention as he demonstrates technique and this environment is suitable for him to be able to get to know all of his students and visitors on a personal level.   The academy has more than enough mat space for a fun and competitive class, but not so much that the mat becomes intimidating to those of us who just want to have fun.

The benefits of a school like the Bernardo Faria Academy are that people will get to know each other, a family atmosphere will be developed, and you get personalized instruction.  This school is the perfect academy for anybody.  Whether you are a competitor, working class man, or just someone who wants a new hobby, you can be guaranteed that at Bernardo’s school the environment will be welcoming.  Take a look at the picture below for a glimpse of the outside.

Bernardo has had undisputed success at the highest levels of Jiu Jitsu and has solidified himself as the best of the best on numerous occasion.  What makes him standout is his demeanor off the mat.  If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting him or training with him, then you are quick to realize how nice he is.  There are very few times that you can catch Bernardo without a smile, he is caring, funny, knowledgeable beyond belief and a true representation of a martial artist.  

Students and visitors at the Bernardo Faria Academy in Bedford, MA are sure to get world class instruction and make new friends.  The state of the art facility also has two showers, a changing room, and 3 bathrooms.  The other instructor at his academy will be Matheus Gonzaga.  Matheus is a black belt and an extremely accomplished competitor.  He won the worlds as a purple belt in the adult division at one of the toughest and most stacked weight classes.  He has also won several IBJJF tournaments as a brown and we are sure that he will continue to do well in competitions as a black belt.

The benefit of having an instructor like Matheus is that he is in a completely different weight class then Bernardo and has a completely different style.  Not everyone may like Bernardo’s style and for those that want to explore techniques for a different body type, there is no better resource then Professor Gonzaga.  More important than Professor Gonzaga’s technique is his demeanor.  They say that people tend to attract similar people and that is exactly the case with Matheus and Bernardo.  Matheus is one of the nicest people there is both on and off the mat.  He is constantly boasting a smile and he has a desire and passion to help his students succeed.  His attention to detail is second to none and anyone who learns from him is sure to accelerate rapidly.

Bernardo is one of the nicest people in the jiu jitsu community and we here at BJJ Fanatics wish him nothing but the best with his new academy.  To learn more about Bernardo’s School visit his website at


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