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The Best Guard Pass in BJJ



Have you given up on the stack pass? We see it all the time in BJJ. The beginner switches out the concepts of fundamental guard passing for flashier more advanced methods of getting around the legs. But the stack pass and other traditional passes are fundamental concepts for a reason. They will always be the pillars of your passing foundation. Maybe you’re missing something that keeps you from implementing these basic passes. Don’t give up on them, adapt and keep these important techniques a part of your arsenal. 

The stack pass is the most common form of under the leg passing, thus it has many enemies. It can of course be thwarted, but this shouldn’t stop us from harnessing the power of the technique. Did you know that Andre Galvao considers the stack pass the best form of passing the guard? If this is Galvao’s preference, the stack pass certainly deserves more of our attention. Galvao has been successful at the absolute highest levels of competition on every competitive platform you can think of. If his opinion is that the stack pass is still the king, I’m all ears. With Galvao’s latest release, Passing Modern Guards Using Old School Concepts, he’s given us a look at his ultra-efficient gold medal passing procedures. This release is packed full of golden tickets and knowledge from one of the best to ever do it. 

It seems that now Galvao is formulating another release based solely on stack pass. This one is sure to clear up any misconceptions or confusion about the efficiency and relevance of this historic pass. In this video, Galvao gives us a look at a version of the stack pass that addresses some very common reactions from the guard player. This small excerpt alone will have you scratching your head and muttering, “Why don’t I do that”? Take a look.


Straight away, Galvao outlines a very common scenario. With both arms under the legs of his partner, poised and ready to begin the pass, his partner sits up and secures Galvao’s belt. This initially stops the forward movement associated with the stack pass. But Galvao already has an alternate route picked out. With grips on the pants or belt, Galvao sits out, opposite the side where his partner is gripping his belt. As he arrives in the sit out position, he demonstrates a quick method to release his sleeve from his partners grasp by using his knee to break the grip. 

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With the grip broken, Galvao now reaches across to secure a thumb grip in his partners lapel. This grip doesn’t need to be terribly deep. Galvao wants his elbow as close to his side as possible so he’s careful not to over extend his reach here. With the lapel grip secured, Galvao returns to his knees.

Now, the stacking begins. Galvao rises up off of the mat and begins to drive his weight forward. After he’s folded his partner sufficiently, he secures a grip on the pants under the backside of his partner. This grip will assist Galvao in elevating his partners hips from the mat. He begins to walk in a circular motion toward the arm securing the lapel. At this juncture, the bottom player still has a hold on Galvao’s belt, preventing the completion of the pass. But fear not, Galvao has a great answer to this conundrum. He retreats slightly and transitions his head under the hand that’s holding his belt. Creating immense pressure on his partners arm with his weight, the bottom player is forced to relinquish his grip and give up the pass. Beautiful.

With the guard pass complete, Galvao maintains his grips and positioning, keeping the bottom player from reestablishing any form of the guard or positive position of the body. When the movement slows, Galvao advance to the under hook and cross face. Galvao even takes it a bit further, demonstrating how he prefers to settle in and even deal with a larger opponent. 

It’s clear that Galvao has an answer for every scenario regarding this traditional form of passing. Though the defensive measures may be many, Galvao’s answers will outnumber the attempts at halting the pass. Keep traditional passing as a staple in your game and work to adapt and modify it to different situations. 

Galvao is incredibly well rounded. That’s apparent is every competitive performance, but his passing is simply otherworldly. He uses elements of surprise very well and has established a multitude of pathways to finish a pass when there’s roadblocks present. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to rekindle your interest in this traditional form of passing! Galvao will inspire you to dig deeper into these themes as you add value to your fundamental passing skillset!

Passing Modern Guard Using Old School Concepts by Andre Galvao
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