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The Journey of 1000 Leg Locks Begins With This Drill

The Journey of 1000 Leg Locks Begins With This Drill


Take that first step with this important and simple drill

On the scale of 1 to John Danaher, the vast majority of BJJ practitioners know very little about the leg lock game.  My instructor Tom DeBlass has shared with me many times his thought that the majority of practitioners who think they know leg locks, do not really understand the proper mechanics of finishing leg attacks.  Entering into the leg lock game can be extremely intimidating, but thankfully with the help of seminars and instructional resources from BJJ Fanatics primarily, the game is changing and the knowledge is spreading rapidly.

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One of the newest resources from BJJ Fanatics to introduce the leg lock neophyte to the dark arts of lower body submissions is Charles Harriott's new Leg Locks 101.  This series is designed for the person who has never tried a leg lock, or maybe has lived under a rock for the last decade and has no idea who Dean Lister or John Danaher are.

In this resource, BJJ Globetrotter and black belt Charles Harriott reveals all of the most essential tips and techniques to make the beginning of your leg lock journey more effective.  One of the techniques or drills that he shows is excerpted below.  In very clear, accessible style, these techniques will be able to easily be added to your game today and get you on your way to terrorizing your opponents and training partners.  Check it out below!

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Just like a wrestler who is looking for inside control of their opponent's body with double unders, here Charles Harriott shows an easy drill and warm up to get you used to keeping that same principle alive when you're working leg attacks.  Pay close attention to the details of control and pressure he is creating by the use of his feet and shins against the opponent's legs.

For more from Charles Harriott, get yourself a copy of Leg Locks 101 today and don't let the ever-changing BJJ game pass you by!  Get it here from BJJ Fanatics!




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