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An Inside Look at Tom DeBlass Teaching a Half Guard Pass

An Inside Look at Tom DeBlass Teaching a Half Guard Pass


Give your opponent's this BJJ Hug Today

Tom DeBlass is one of the most widely respected and sought after BJJ instructors out there today.  With an international seminar schedule scheduled up to 2 years in advance, he is slated to spread his unique jiu jitsu perspective to training, techniques, and mindset with thousands of people in the coming years.

Recently during a visit to Boston to film one of his highly successful BJJ instructional series, he took a break to teach a group of Bernardo Faria's students at his academy.  Check out this intimate look at Tom DeBlass teaching one of his techniques straight from his best-selling Half Domination series.  Enjoy!

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 If you have not gotten Half Domination for yourself yet, you are missing out.  These are the tried and true techniques that Tom DeBlass has been developing since he was a blue belt training and representing Team Renzo Gracie.  Save yourself a decade of trial and error and let Tom DeBlass' highly engaging and clear instruction change your game today!





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