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Your New BJJ Main Squeeze

Your New BJJ Main Squeeze


This closed guard pinch will open up your game

The closed guard is one of the first positions we explore when we step on the mats.  It can also be one of the first positions we "think" we have mastered just because we've caught a few arm bars or triangles.  The longer you train, the more you find yourself going back to look at those old positions that we started out with to explore them and develop them even more.

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Over the years, it becomes clear that there is always something more to learn about a position like closed guard.  Case in point:  Carlos Farias.  Carlos Farias is one of the most dominating competitors out there, especially in the Masters divisions.  At the age of 44, he is still competing in the adult divisions at many tournaments and he always does well.

Recently Bernardo Faria visited his academy in Phoenix, Arizona to talk to him about a very special closed guard technique that you may not have seen or heard of.  Part of the reason you haven't seen it, is that it doesn't look like anything is actually happening.  Check it out below and soon you'll be squeezing it into your game.

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So what is going on here?  In this technique, Carlos has Bernardo locked up in his closed guard.  He will grab the lapels to pull Bernardo in and try to break his posture down.  At the same time he will open his legs and bring them high upon the ribs and relock them.  It is this relock and extension that compresses the ribs and upper torso and essentially takes Bernardo's breath away.  

Recently in the IBJJF Masters World Championships in Vegas, Carlos actually tapped one opponent using nothing but this technique.  The pressure was so tight that not only is the breathing compromised, but also the ribs feel like they're going to break.

The reality is that Carlos Farias is not using this as a submission in and of itself, although it has been proven to be effective on the biggest competitive stages.  He is actually using it as a set up.  When the average opponent feels the pressure, there will be a sense of panic which forces them to compromise their posture or change their game in a way that allows Carlos to capitalize and set up a sweep or other technique.  Put this technique into practice and start squeezing the reactions out of your opponents.

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