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Yoga:  Your BJJ 401K

Yoga: Your BJJ 401K


How a 10 minute investment can extend your BJJ life

We all know the investment in our well-being and health that jiu jitsu can be.  It is a fantastic exercise that mixes both cardio and strength elements in a way that makes it extremely efficient in terms of the time invested and benefits.  There are also the innumerable self defense aspects that come from learning the techniques.  The stress release that can come from your average hour long class could probably rival most therapy sessions for benefit (as well as price!)  

But like any physical activity, there are demands on our muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.  Over time, these demands can add up and can eventually lead to injury and/or decline in performance as we age.  But what if there was a simple, easy investment that we could make to ensure that we are able to train long into our old age? 

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Well there is.  It is yoga.  Yoga is like the 401K investment plan where a small investment today, maybe 10-15 minutes to start will pay off in much richer dividends later in life and in our BJJ career.  Not only will yoga help you train longer and more effectively by helping to prevent injuries and reverse much of the wear and tear that our bodies incur during training, but it will also improve your execution of certain techniques as you will soon see.

In the video below, 5 time world champion Bernardo Faria catches up with Josh Stockman, creator of Grappling with Yoga, his instructional series from BJJ Fanatics to look at a few key stretches that will benefit your game and help to prevent injuries.  By incorporating a handful of stretches into your routine after training, you will begin loading up that BJJ 401K and guarantee a long and happy lifetime fill with jiu jitsu.

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 For more from Josh Stockman, grab yourself a copy of Grappling with Yoga today.  Get that BJJ 401K set up now and start saving for those rainy, injury filled days!  Get it here!




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