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The Knee Over Pressure Pass

The Knee Over Pressure Pass


Here at BJJ Fanatics we have been exploring the important roll that pressure passing has on developing a strong and functional guard passing game.  For every type of guard that can be presented to you, there is a pressure pass to stop it.  No matter if they're throwing classic closed guard, half guard, butterfly guard, or something like spider guard your way, the concepts and principles behind pressure passing remain true and effective.

In previous articles we've exampled the physics and psychology behind perfect pressure passing.  We have looked at our weight and maximizing the application of that weight to control our opponent, make them uncomfortable and put them in the proper position to execute our technique.  We have also looked at the role of surface area and how minimizing the surface area through which we apply our weight, we can multiply the force and increase the pressure on our opponent.  And we have also looked at how the proper grips can accentuate these things and keep us anchored when applying all of these things at the proper angles.

In the technique video below we see the classic knee over pressure pass.  Take a look and we'll review some of the principles and concepts important to pressure passing as they apply to this easy, yet extremely effective pass.

 Once the initial guard break is secured by utilizing a strong posture (itself a kind of pressure in itself) and the combat base position is attained, the pressure passing begin.  Let's look at each element step by step.

Pressure Passing Grips

Grips come into play in very key ways in this knee over pass at a few different points.  First and foremost, a good grip on the opponent's thighs when they open their guard will prevent them from playing their open guard and allow you to steer the chosen thigh down to bring your knee over.

Later when the knee is over and weight is being pressed into the free leg a strong lapel or shoulder grip ensures that the pressure remains strong and tight and they are further restricted from movement.  The far arms grip under the free leg at the belt puts the finishing touches on the importance of gripping and makes sure that half guard isn't achieved and the pass is completed.

Pressure Passing Weight

The proper use of pressure passing weight is manifested when the hips are brought over the hips of the opponent.  With the knee pinning the bottom thigh down with maximum weight and the constant pressure of the torso on the free leg stretching it away from the pinned knee, the opponent finds themselves in an excruciating position where they most likely will want the pass to happen because of the discomfort.

Pressure Passing Angles

Using proper pressure passing angles on this technique are crucial when pinning the thigh and driving the weight into the free leg to incapacitate it.  If the proper angle isn't secured, then the opponent will adjust, work open guard and potentially be able to snatch up half guard.

 In recent articles we have looked at the elements of pressure passing discussed above, specifically in relation to techniques like the Over Under Pass, popularized and used most effectively at the highest levels by Bernardo Faria.  We've also explored the classic double under pass and now have added the knee over pass to our pressure passing repertoire.  Each of these passes is extremely effective against all opponents and guard types, making them staples that should play a large role in every practitioners game plan.

To continue your study of pressure passing you will want to check out Rodolfo Vieira's "Smash. Pass. Finish." instructional available here at BJJ Fanatics.


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