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The Korean Style Uchimata Throw


The Uchimata is one of the most recognizable and crowd favorite throws in all of Judo. It is a fast and furious throw that can cause your opponent some true bodily harm and almost always give you a dominant position afterwards. There are some different variations of the throw, that come from different competitors from different regions and teams. One of these variations is the Korean style Uchimata. It is the same throw done by other Judokas, but with a different grip that Judokas from Korea prefer to use. Check out this slightly exotic version of the throw.

So what makes this throw different from the standard is that it requires a double lapel grab. In Judo and Jiu Jitsu, it is rare to see a double lapel grab. It is almost always a lapel and sleeve grab or a lapel and belt grab. But for this version of the throw, you must grab the lapel with both hands. Start with your dominant hand (for me, it is my right hand) and grab the lapel. Fake out your opponent, by falsely attempting to grab the sleeve. After the false attempt, grab the other side lapel.

Once you have complete control over the kimono, it is time to act. Otherwise you will be open to takedowns in Jiu Jitsu, and in Judo, you can be penalized. With the second grip, you need to pull up on his lapel to get him off his balance. Now that his balance is off, put your hip in, pull the lapels and use your leg up his leg to guide him through the air. He will end up flat on his back, and you can then continue on with your ground attack.

The Korean style Uchimata is a throw to integrate into your stand up grappling game. Everyone is always thinking about the lapel and sleeve grips. To mix it up, and work this double lapel throw can really confuse some players that are not familiar with Judo throws. These throws work wonders in the gi arena. Strive to better this section of your Jiu Jitsu.

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