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The Most Valuable Piece Of Training Equipment For Me

The Most Valuable Piece Of Training Equipment For Me

A piece of equipment that should be on everyone’s shopping list...

What is your most important training accessory? Like almost everyone else, I feel like batman or when I put on my gi or rash guard. Yet, while they are integral for training, for me I value my mouth guard on the same level.

Let me explain for a minute. In college, like an idiot, I was boxing without my mouth guard. In reality, we were nowhere near the sophistication of a boxer. But, you get the idea. I was hit hard in the mouth damaging my front four teeth. I had a number of repairs attempted over the years. It was over 10 years later before I had the problem finally solved with crowns. It was an expensive solution.

I eat a lot of knees in grappling. If a mouth guard makes sense in boxing it should also make sense in grappling.

What is the cost of a mouth guard? You can get a cheap one for 10 or 20 dollars and a custom made one for just over a hundred dollars? Now let me ask you, what is the cost of a trip to the dentist? Certainly, every dentist has a different cost table but I know that I cannot get my teeth cleaned for less than a hundred dollars and repair work cost significantly more.

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Perhaps, you are still on the fence. What is the price of your favorite gi or rash guard? It really should be a no-brainer.  Spend the money and purchase a mouth guard.

From my perspective, I do not see how people train without a mouth guard. I trained without a mouth guard one time and my tongue and mouth were bleeding in 5 different places. Even beyond that, my wife is a dental hygienist and I am terrified of what she would do to me if I came home with damaged teeth.

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