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One Championship Heart of The Lion - Nicolini vs Te

One Championship Heart of The Lion - Nicolini vs Te


ONE FC Showcases Women's MMA

Brazilian born eight-time IBJJF Champion and one of the few women inducted into the IBJJF Hall of Fame with an MMA record of 5 wins and 1 Loss, Michelle Nicolini stomped into the Octagon once again Friday Night in Singapore to take on Singapore Boxing Champion, Tiffany “No Chill” Teo who’s record is just as impressive with 7 wins and 1 loss in a fight scheduled for 3 rounds of 5 minutes in the straw-weight division of the One Championship – Heart of The Lion Event.

Grappling -vs-Boxing

The ladies are ready for battle as the referee runs down the rules of the fight and the clock starts its countdown. Several takedown attempts with a Single leg attack early in round 1 shows that Nicolini wants this fight on the ground where she is much more comfortable, being the best female grappler around. Tiffany Teo sprawls heavy as Nicolini executes the takedown and immediately starts pounding the head and body of Nicolini, eventually escaping and getting back on her feet, prompting Michelle to pull guard and work her ground game to eventually secure top position with a well-executed butterfly sweep to full mount position.

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Grappling is where Nicolini prevails and she proves it by eventually taking the back of Teo. In her attempt to secure a RNC however she opens her guard, creating a bit of space in which Teo took advantage while manipulating the choking arm of Nicolini, making it possible for her to turn into her opponents’ guard and avoid the choke and possible submission.

With 1:07 left Nicolini attemps yet another takedown, this time a double leg and this time with no major sprawl from Teo, she successfully puts the boxer on the mat. Nicolini drives her knee on the belly of Teo and fights for full mount, with less than 15 seconds left of the round Michelle scrambles to execute an armbar but Tiffany Teo fights her way to her knees and with her arm in Michelle Nicolini’s control as Nicolini goes belly down hoping for a first round submission and 6th MMA Win the round comes to an end as the saying goes, Teo was “saved by the bell’.

Mirror Image

Round 2 Seemed to mirror the first round in many ways. Nicolini still the aggressor and still going after Teo, attempting single leg and double leg takedowns, successfully at times but often that heavy sprawling action of Teo and her pound and ground efforts on Nicolini who had no choice but to defend herself aided Teo in escaping and bringing the fight back to her comfort zone, back on their feet.

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Nicolini was once again, in round 2, able to take the back of Teo who with only a blue belt in BJJ was able to for the second time in this fight, control the choking arm of her opponent and reverse her position to finds herself back in the guard of Michelle Nicolini, preventing the Black Belt from applying the Rear Naked Choke as she did in round one. 

Nicolini would however for the 3rd time sweep Teo with that well executed butterfly sweep we saw in the previous round gaining the top mount position once again, with one knee heavy on the belly of Teo she would  use her other knee to trap the left arm of her opponent and attempt her second almost near end of round arm bar on her right arm. Teo being the escape artist she demonstrated she is in this fight would jump out and on to her feet with twenty-four seconds left to end this round standing.


Going The Distance

This round found Nicolini and Teo more toe to toe and as Tiffany was landing more punches, Michelle was unsuccessful at her takedown attempts and seemed to take longer to get to her feet, prompting Teo to gesture to her “come on”  “bring it”  Teo was able to connect with a few good punches and one roundhouse kick that seemed to have Nicolini discouraged and her energy depleted.  Teo’s energy seemed to increase as the round clock ticked down to its final seconds.  This round was all Teo and her boxing expertise would prevail over the Jiu Jitsu of the Brazilian fighter Nicolini. 


The Final Decision

While Michelle Nicolini was on the attack more and executed more takedowns and submission attempts in the 1st two rounds, the escapes of Teo and the boxing exhibition she put on in round 3 seemed enough for the judges to unanimously give the decision to the Singapore Native Teo.  

This fight went the distance and the fighters showed grit and determination. They never gave up and they gave it their all in every round. My respect ladies for putting everything you had on the line in this very exciting match. I thank you for the opportunity to watch you ladies roar in this One Championship, Heart of The Lion Event.

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