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Eliminate “Junk Training” From your BJJ Routine

Eliminate “Junk Training” From your BJJ Routine


Make the most of precious training time

How do you spend your time at the academy? So many of us have limited time and busy day to day routines that make it difficult to adhere to a schedule that satisfies our expectations for our training. But are you impeding the process? Putting in quality time at the academy while your there is paramount to achieving your goals. Your BJJ needs to be nurtured and grown inside those walls. So why focus on anything else while you’re there?

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Listen to some of Coach Firas Zahabi’s advice on training and what he refers to as “junk training”.

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To get better at jiu-jitsu, you need to train jiu-jitsu. All other forms of training, strength and conditioning and recovery should be secondary. Warm up with jiu-jitsu-based movements, practice your jiu-jitsu technique, and then make time for your supplemental training. If you’re training to become more proficient at BJJ then a CrossFit regimen that outweighs your time on the BJJ training floor will not serve you. You may develop some strength and have great cardio, but your fellow practitioners who have been focusing on their BJJ will be submitting you on the regular.

Zahabi makes some great points here. Dedicating entire days to conditioning and doing zero BJJ will not bring up your level of BJJ proficiency. The formula is more than simple. If it is your wish to become better at BJJ, you must train BJJ. All other forms of conditioning and supplemental training must be secondary.

Make the most of your time at the academy with your team. Focus on your BJJ, experiment, ask questions, and when your BJJ quota for the day has been met, pepper in your auxiliary training.

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