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5 Punch or Grab Self Defenses with Mark Hopkins

5 Punch or Grab Self Defenses with Mark Hopkins


Key techniques to keep you safe

You never know when you may need to defend yourself or someone else. Here are 5 BJJ techniques for defending yourself against some common attacks.

The first lesson is to manage the distance. Do not let the other person within two-arms length of you. If you have a distance of 2-arms length between you and the attacker they cannot hit you.

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Next is the push kick. The push kick is used to do exactly what the name implies, it pushes the attacker away from you so you can maintain that space. Using it like a jab you lift your knee up and extend your leg out to push them. You can place your push kick to their stomach, hip, or knee.

The second self defense technique is a double leg takedown. Mark lowers his level to slip the punch, clinches around the opponents waist and lifts him. He explains the lift is not necessary or recommended against much larger opponents. He also explains that you can use any takedown or clinching technique here, after you slip the punch and close the distance.

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Third self defense technique is the arm drag. When the aggressor is touching your chest trying to intimidate you Mark knocks his wrist off, reaches through to the tricep and pulls for the arm drag. From here he can clinch or do a takedown or his choice since he now has a dominant angle and is not standing right in front of the attacker anymore.

Fourth technique is for stopping someone who is pinning you against a wall. Mark uses his shoulder to shuck the hand off him while controlling the wrist and arm, doing an arm drag. This allows Mark to take the back or enter into a Russian 2-on-1.

Marks fifth and last technique is a standing armbar from a grab if you cannot do the arm drag because they are connected to your jacket. Using a baseball bat grip, Mark controls the wrist while stepping across the body, bringing his elbow over the opponent's arm and trapping it in his armpit where he can now apply pressure to the elbow.

Remember not every technique works all of the time, these are just five examples for five situations. Get to the gym, train hard, and figure out what works best for you!

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