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The ONLY Knee On Belly Escape With Bernardo Faria

The ONLY Knee On Belly Escape With Bernardo Faria


Knee on Belly Escape by Bernardo Faria

Knee on belly is one of those positions you use to demoralize your opponent. When you are just starting out as a white belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the knee on belly is probably your first real exposure to how uncomfortable jiu jitsu can be at times. We have all been there before, gasping for breathing and struggling to find a way to escape the ungodly amount of discomfort that comes from an aggressive knee on belly. Knee only belly isn’t just a transition position, it can also be used as a submission to very effective levels from someone with good technique. With that said, it is in our best interests as well rounded BJJ players to know how to escape knee on belly so we do not end up getting submitted by it. Today we are going to look at how to escape the knee on belly from Bernardo Faria.

Bernardo Faria is a 5x World Champion and an amazing teacher. He says there is a science to escaping bad positions in jiu jitsu. If you don't have the tools or the concepts to escape, you will waste all your energy and not get anywhere.


Watch the video below and then we will break down his technique. Check it out!

Bernardo starts out by first showing you what you do not want to do when caught in knee on belly. The biggest mistake people make it to place their hand on the knee to try and push it away. When you do this you are giving you training partner an easy opportunity to submit you with an arm bar. The second most common mistake is that people try to push their training partner away at their shoulder. This too gives them an opportunity to land an easy arm bar! The proper way to escape is to place your forearm, rather than your hand, against your training partner’s knee. This takes away space from your opponent. Put your other hand on your training partner’s shin and bridge, pushing his leg towards your half guard. Now you do not want to let him establish his half guard. To prevent this hug your training partner’s opposite leg and end in deep half guard.

Transitioning into deep half from knee on belly puts you in a much better position. As Bernardo goes on to explain, he loves to play deep half, and considers it one of his favorite positions. Deep half guard can be a relatively safe place to hang out in and catch your breath after struggle out from under a knee on belly. It also opens up the ability to attack submissions or transition into other guards. This is really awesome stuff from Bernardo Faria! Make sure to remember these very simple tips the next time you get caught in knee on belly.

Bernardo is a 5 time Black Belt World Champion - think about that for a second.. He’s won five.. - America has only ever won two. So it is safe to say that his escapes are very solid. He knows how to get out of anything and pretty much always does.



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