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Use The Hip Switch To Pass Butterfly Guard For Ultimate Victory

Use The Hip Switch To Pass Butterfly Guard For Ultimate Victory


The Importance of the Hip Switch by Tom DeBlass

The hips are the single most powerful part of your body. You use your hips everywhere in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Do you want to bridge? Get those hips up. Need to bump an opponent? Generate explosive power with a hip bump! Trying to get out of side control? You might want to escape those hips. Yes, the hips are the center of attention in BJJ much like they are the center of your body. So many of the fundamental techniques and concepts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and grappling in general, have to do with your hips. With that in mind it is no surprise that high level BJJ practitioners such as Tom DeBlass emphasize the importance of the hips when teaching a technique. Today we were going to examine the importance of hip switching when an opponent brings you into butterfly guard. If the hip switch is missing, you will most likely get swept or face possible leg attack entries. Watch this short video below on the importance of the hip switch in butterfly guard from Tom DeBlass. Then we will discuss the technique. Check it out!

The hip switch is such a vital part of the butterfly guard and one of it's variations, the half butterfly guard. This is one of Tom Deblass's favorite jiu jitsu guard to attack sweeps, defend the pass, and hit a lot of leg attacks.


In the butterfly guard, if your opponent lifts you they can do a bunch of nasty things to your legs if you do not hip switch. Notice that DeBlass wastes no time at all switching his hips as soon as his opponent lifts him. This allows you to clear your training partner’s legs and switch into side control.

This is a short, simple, powerful technique to avoid being submitted in butterfly guard. The next time you are on the mats stay conscious of how active you are with your hips. This could make a very big improvement to your game. Now get out there and move those hips!

Tom DeBlass has never had his guard passed in competition, and cites the half butterfly guard as one of the best guards to defend the guard pass, as well as attack the legs. The half butterfly guard is your secret to leg lock submissions from the bottm. The half butterfly will allow you to dominate those young and athletic guys using simple "locks" that will keep your opponents contained in your guard, and develop one of the most leg lock attacks.




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