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The Rear Naked Choke: Back in the Spotlight!

The Rear Naked Choke: Back in the Spotlight!


The rear naked choke. The term transcends our art. Becoming almost a household name, there may not be a technique more familiar outside the realm of BJJ and MMA. Among the fighting arts, the RNC would certainly be deemed as a “classic.”

Recently, two members of Team Renzo Gracie employed the rear naked choke as the finisher for both of their bouts at One Fighting Championship. Master Renzo Gracie and Garry Tonon, both having spectacular performances at One FC, funneled their opponents down a path that lead to the famous RNC, once again demonstrating the technique’s power and returning it back into the spotlight.

Understandably, the term will sometimes incite a little silliness in the kids BJJ class. It’s to be expected. But why the word “naked?” Naked refers to the absence of the kimono involved in the technique. The RNC only requires our limbs to apply the strangle.  Now you know.

The RNC made several appearances in the early Gracie Challenge videos like this one:

The RNC’s effectiveness was respected immediately in the martial arts community when BJJ came on the scene in America. The Gracie Challenges proved BJJ’s efficiency and especially how the RNC, a staple in BJJ Fundamentals, could easily subdue an opponent. Although the technique has been around for years, it’s popularity and reputation began to grow with the rise of MMA.

The RNC lends itself immensely to the self-defense aspects of fighting. The application of the technique is very simple to understand, and it can be executed with little to no strength and still be effective. What better way can you think of to end a physical altercation? The assailant’s limbs are all facing away from you, making damage much more difficult to inflict. With good placement of your body and a simple squeeze, the attacker is subdued, and also unharmed.

If your career is in law enforcement, I would recommend studying the mechanics and intricacies often. Observe the common reactions and flows of the average fight and make understanding the routes to the RNC a priority.

Chances are you’ve been exposed to the RNC in your training. It should be part of any fundamental BJJ program. Remember to always revisit this titan of our art and give it the attention it deserves. It could save your life one day!

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