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The Von Flue Choke Makes an Appearance in The Street

The Von Flue Choke Makes an Appearance in The Street


The Von Flue choke is one of those submissions that you might not hear about until it happens to you.

Which in my opinion is the most entertaining way to learn about it. If you’re hanging on to a guillotine for dear life, and you get your guard passed, you might be in imminent danger of this unassuming strangle.

The Von Flue Choke has long been one of the BEST chokes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and all forms of submission grappling. Click Learn More below!


The Fight Hub picked up a video of a street fight where the Von Flue was the finishing move of choice. And the unlucky guy on the other end of it was put to sleep. In the video, you can clearly see that the bottom man has secured a guillotine, but with his guard already being passed, there is very little hope of finishing it. As the top man continues to circle, he eventually settles his weight in to the choke, rendering the man unconscious, followed by the end of the video.

So how does the Von Flue choke work? Let’s take a look at James Clingerman’s version of this incredibly sneaky way to force a submission. He’s got some great details. Have a look!

As his partner secures his neck, Clingerman foregoes the hand fighting battle, posts on his partners knee, and hops over his hand to quickly pass the guard. Be sure to always pass to the opposite side of the guillotine when your defending. Going the other way could quickly make your situation even worse. As he settles in to side control, he shifts his body up toward the head, and reaches deep under his partner’s head, locking a gable grip. For the finish, Clingerman finds his partner’s neck with his shoulder and applies all his weight and pressure to the corroded. With the addition of a little squeeze, he easily forces the tap.

Everyone should know about this choke. In a street fight scenario, the headlock is one of the most common forms of control that an assailant may try to implement. The guillotine is a form of headlock, and this is a dam good answer to it. This is a sneaky choke that comes on slow, but it certainly has the power to finish the fight as you can see.

The Von Flue Choke explained with intricate details, not found anywhere else! How to use this simple technique to NEVER GET GUILLOTINED AGAIN. Check it out here!



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