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GSP Officially Retires

GSP Officially Retires



Say goodbye to one of the greats

GSP for many people was their first intro into MMA. It was shortly after MMA started to make more of a mainstream splash when GSP began his UFC career.  With the hit show The Ultimate Fighter and rivalries between Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture, MMA was being watched at an all time high. Then came along Georges St. Pierre.

After several wins GSP ran into Matt Hughes, who gave him his first loss. When making his first run to rematch Hughes for the Welterweight title he beat Mayhem Miller, Frank Trigg, Sean Sherk, and BJ Penn. Go ahead and read that list again. He did this when MMA was becoming more accepted mainstream, and GSP was exactly what MMA needed. A clean cut good guy with peak physique and fighting skills the world hadn’t seen yet.

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The rematch with Hughes goes completely different and we are left to witness a literal change in the guard. A new breed of MMA star was born. GSP is a mega star in his home country of Canada and has major appeal in the U.S. as well.

Then the unthinkable happens. Matt “The Terror” Serra TKO’s GSP in what is still to this day considered one of the biggest upsets of all time. If you have followed MMA you know how the story goes, but if you are just tuning in how GSP approaches his loss is one of the defining characteristics that make him the true GOAT.

In the current MMA scene a lot of fighters sit out and wait for their opportunity. They will have a big win, and feel they are owed their shot. A Champ the quality of someone like GSP could’ve easily sat and waited for his rematch with Serra. However Serra was injured. No complaints he just went and beat wrestling stalwart Josh Koshcheck and was triumphant in the rubber match with Hughes. After two matches with no belt around his waist GSP was ready to get back what was his. AND boy did he.

After decisively defeating Serra in the rematch, GSP went on a 9 fight 6 YEAR undefeated streak setting multiple UFC records. On top of all that he returned after a 5 year lay off to defeat Michael Bisping for the Middleweight championship. Who does that? The GOAT does.

GSP made it official yesterday and removed himself from the USADA testing pool. This means that IF Georges wants to make a comeback he will have to re-enter the testing pool for 6 months. Which on paper makes it seem like a comeback is unlikely, but then again this is GSP we are talking about. He came back after FIVE years… only the future will tell. In the meantime let’s all wish the GOAT a happy retirement, and be thankful for the greatness we got to see unfold.

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