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Fight 2 Win 104: Lovato Jr. versus Simoes

Fight 2 Win 104: Lovato Jr. versus Simoes


 Fight 2 Win will be holding their 104th event at Gilley’s Dallas, in Dallas, Texas on March 9th.  The main event will be multiple time World Champions Rafael Lovato Jr. versus Yuri Simoes in a No Gi match.  Lovato Jr., is one of the most accomplished American grapplers in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, having won the IBJJF Black Belt World Championships in 2007, as well as the IBJJF Black Belt No-Gi championships in 2010.  His opponent, Yuri Simoes, is equally accomplished, as he is a multiple time ADCC World Champion (2015 and 2017) and an IBJJF No-Gi Black Belt World Champion.

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On the main card, there will also be a Female Black Belt Welterweight Gi Title at stake  with multiple time IBJJF Black Belt World Champion (2017 and 2018), Nathiely de Jesus, versus 2011 IBJJF Black Belt World Champion and Bellator MMA fighter, Talita Nogueira.  Additionally, Rafael Formiga Barbosa, one of the top lightweights in the 2000’s and one of the founding members of the Soul Fighter Academy will be putting up his Masters Black Belt Welterweight Gi Title against the formidable Nick Greene from the Ralph Gracie Academy.  Also on the main card will be DJ Jackson, of Team Lloyd Irvin’s, an IBJJF Black Belt World No Gi champion in 2012 and 2015 facing Manuel Ribamar, black belt under Rodrigo Pinheiro and Cicero Costha, and one of the top up and coming middleweights.


Fight 2 Win 104 Complete Card:

Main Event: 210lbs Black Belt No-Gi

Rafael Lovato Jr (Lovato BJJ) vs Yuri Simoes (CTA)

Masters Black Belt Welterweight Gi Title

Rafael Formiga Barbosa (Soul Fighters) vs Nick Greene (Ralph Gracie) 

Female Black Belt Welterweight Gi Title 

Nathiely Jesus (RPBJJ) vs Talita Nogueira (NS Brotherhood)

185lbs Black Belt Gi

DJ Jackson (TLI) vs Manuel Ribamar (RPBJJ)



200lbs Black Belt Judo

Geronimo Sauceda (Becerra/Iron Sharpen Academy) vs Nyamochir Sainjarga (East Side Judo) 

180lbs Black Belt Judo

Ryan Reser (Easton BJJ) vs Erik Kirkegaard (Eastside Dojo)

225lbs Black Belt Judo

Alan Shebaro (Tier 1) vs Garrett Andrews (Nemesis Jiu Jitsu)


Black Belts

205lbs Black Belt No-Gi

Michael Alexander (Genesis) vs Tony Trammell (Soul Fighters)

205lbs Black Belt GI

Jorge Perez (Zombie Crew) vs Seth Daniels (Easton BJJ)

195lbs Black Belt No-Gi

Kyle Raemisch (Frequency Jiu Jitsu) vs Tony Tipton (Tipton Martial Arts)

185lbs Black Belt GI

Sina Hadad (Ironside BJJ) vs Angel Lopez (Halo Martial Arts)

185lbs Black Belt GI

Matthew Waltmon (Peak Performance) vs Leonardo Machado (BTT)

180lbs Black Belt Gi

Vinicius Agudo (Soul Fighters) vs Vinicius Garcia (Gracie Gym)

175lbs Black Belt GI

Davi Girao (CHeckmat) vs Jonathan Hunter (Tier 1)

170lbs Black Belt Gi

Michael Fowler (RPBJJ) vs Randell Kennedy (Soul Fighters)

160lbs Black Belt GI

Matheus Gabriel (Checkmat) vs Justin Rice (Tsunami BJJ)

155lbs Black Belt GI

Jordan Gomez (CJJF) vs Juan Tatum (Peak Performance)

145lbs Black Belt JUDO

Nathan Kearney (Okuri Judo) vs Shaun Burns (Nemesis Jiu Jitsu)

150lbs Black Belt No-Gi

Tracey Goodell (CJJF) vs Chelsah’ Lyons (Marcelo Garcia) 

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Brown belts 

185lbs Brown Belt Masters Gi Title

Bobby Alexander (Lutter BJJ) vs Wally Thompson (Tac Team)

Super Heavy Weight Brown Belt GI

Reggie Jeff (BTT) vs Marc Botindari (Sharpens Iron Academy)

205lbs Brown Belt GI

Buddy Roberts (Gracie Barra) vs Matthew Barry (RCJ Machado)

195lbs Brown Belt GI

Felipe Timoteo (Sharpens Iron Academy) vs Anthony Cronce (Tac Team)

195lbs Brown Belt GI

Mike Anderson (Tier 1) vs Jack Garrett (Peak Performance)

195lbs Brown Belt No-Gi

Kevin Holland (Lutter BJJ) vs Kyle Short (Flux MMA) 

180lbs Brown Belt Gi

Chuck Adam (Lucky Jiu Jitsu) vs Dulces Flaco Flores (Alex Martins BJJ)

175lbs Brown Belt GI

Matehus Luna (Checkmat) vs Grant Gunderson (Peak Performance)

155lbs Brown Belt Gi

Benjamin Annunziato (Team Lutter) vs Jason Bright (Genesis)

142lbs Brown Belt Gi

Audrey Wolfe (Checkmat) vs Victoria Antelante (Soul Fighters)

135lbs Brown Belt Gi

Henrique Rossi (Sharpen Iron Academy) vs Jorge Vazquez Jr (Alvarez BJJ)


Purple belts 

215lbs Purple Belt Gi

Christopher Shaw (Sharpen iron Academy) vs Kevin McCormick (Marcelo Garcia)

195lbs Purple Belt GI

Rhyan Young (Warrior BJJ) vs Donny King (Mohler MMA)

185lbs Purple Belt GI

Theo Lee (Sharpen Iron Academy) vs Brian Cutts (B Quick BJJ)

165lbs Purple Belt GI

Joshua Sutton (Lovato BJJ) vs Matthew Handy (RCJ Machado)

155lbs Purple Belt No-Gi

Keaton Standridge (Checkmat) vs Levi Golding (Soul Fighters)

150lbs Purple Belt No-Gi

Anthony Robinson (Star Jiu Jitsu) vs Josh Mosquea (Lovato BJJ)

120lbs Purple Belt Gi

Karla Shellhammer (Soul Fighters) vs Beth Williams (Lucky Jiu Jitsu)


Teen Bantamweight Gi Title

Jessie Crane (Soul Fighters) vs Emily Fernandez (Bastos BJJ)

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