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Break Your Opponent’s Standing Posture with Travis Stevens

Break Your Opponent’s Standing Posture with Travis Stevens


Everyone knows how difficult it can be to get the takedown.

Especially in competition, where your opponent is on high alert and hellbent on staving off of your efforts to get them to the floor. How many times have you witnessed the endless struggle of two BJJ players at a competition pushing each other around the mat in an attempt to gain position?

Travis Stevens has simple concepts that he applies to his throws, take downs and guard passing. His approach is simple, and makes him one of the best grapplers ever.


In the gi, it seems many acquire the same grips and engage in an energy sucking battle that yields no results. For the sake of efficiency and energy conservation, it's in our best interest to get the fight to the floor as quickly as we can, but sometimes we just don’t know where to start.

Gaining some control over our partners posture is a great place to start, but as with any technique, it’s always easier said than done. In this video Travis Stevens shares a simple concept that might help you begin the process of closing the gap between you and your partner so you can begin to work for the takedown. Have a look!

Beginning on the feet with very common sleeve and collar grip sets, Stevens partner begins to push him back ward with rigid arms. As his partner pushes, Stevens relaxes his wrist, and pulls his partners lapel across his jaw, shaking it back and forth. The effects are incredibly off balancing, compromising his partner’s base and positioning. Once the distance has been closed, Stevens can now begin to implement his takedown game.

This is simple and ultra-effective. Give it a shot!

Travis Stevens is a John Danaher black belt and Olympic medalist in judo with the ability to break complex techniques down into simple, clear instruction. His new series Magic Guard Passing is going to shave years of frustration off  and add some magic to your passing game.  You can get it here at BJJ Fanatics!




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