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The Wrist Lock Game is the New Foot Lock Game

The Wrist Lock Game is the New Foot Lock Game


Wrist Lock Attacks Are Everywhere In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Wrist attacks in BJJ are still what foot attacks have been until recently, seen as a “cheap” submission technique and often times completely overlooked or ignored. First off, there should never be such thing as a “cheap” technique. If a jiu jitsu technique works and works by expending the smallest amount of energy, then it’s a good technique and the whole basis of what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is supposed to be.

Why wouldn’t we want to attack the wrists? They are a very small joint on the body and can easily be overpowered with a basic 2 on 1 grip.


Also when you attack the wrists, you are using the longest lever you can. As is explained in this video demonstrating the Kote Geashi Aikijujutsu takedown, by turning the wrist you are able to control the elbow, then the shoulder, and then the hip leading to the takedown. All from controlling the wrist! If that is not the essence of Jiu Jitsu, then I have no idea what is and should probably reevaluate my last 10 years of training.

Wrist attacks are very useful for countering grip fighting for takedowns. As Keenan is showing in this video, with the right timing you are able to use wrist attacks to help break your opponents grip which can end with a submission, or you can use the wrist as a takedown or even to open up other opportunities to open up more dominate positions while on the feet.  

Wrist attacks are also almost always available whenever you are going for any other submission. As Stephan Kesting is showing in this video, whenever you are having trouble finishing a submission because your opponent is defending well, their wrists are usually left open. Your opponents arm will already be isolated from the original submission attempt, and all their focus will be on that original submission and usually will not see the wrist attack coming, making it even easier to finish. Use misdirection and guile to make your attacks even easier, Jiu Jitsu in its purest form.

Wrist attacks are a very efficient way to attack the body and should be held in a higher regard than they are. There is nothing “cheap” about effectively attacking and using the maximum amount of leverage in any attacks. And we shouldn’t ever ignore any part of the body. Every joint can and should be attacked. Let’s try to bring wrist attacks out of the shadows like how leg attacks have in recent years.

Did you know that Judo Olympic Silver Medalist, and John Danaher Black Belt thinks that the easiest Submission in BJJ Is Right Under Your Nose and You’re Missing It - The Wrist Lock.

Travis Stevens is widely regarded as one of the best grapplers on the planet, and uses wrist locks as a great equalizer in his training and competition. He uses wrist locks to create openings, as well as submit his opponents - even BJJ black belts - in positions that they would never expect



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