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The Simplest Guard Pass Ever

The Simplest Guard Pass Ever

Learn the simplest Jiu Jitsu Guard Pass with BJJ Renegade Kurt Osiander

In this jiu jitsu video, Kurt Osiander shows us a very simple guard pass but first explains how to be ready to execute.

Kurt explains that you must have a plan once you reach the closed guard.


This plan starts with grip fighting and maintaining posture. If you allow your opponent to get a cross collar grip you are screwed you must start by fighting for grips.

The longer you stay without grips Kurt explains the worse it gets for you. Once you've fought for grips you must block and isolate the hips. Once you've done this it allows you to start to pass.

Kurt stresses one thing you must not do and that is to not have your hands on the floor if you do you've got whatever is coming to you he says. You can put your hands on his hips in his armpits anywhere just not the floor Kurt explains.

The last thing he leaves us with is the saying "Go Train!".

Kurt Osiander has been training Jiu Jitsu longer than some modern Black Belt World Champions have been born. He's famous for his quote: "Shut Up And Train" and is considered the first BJJ Renegade. He's got decades of experience training, teaching and competing and a black belt under Ralph Gracie.

His game is simple, fundamentals based and just works.

Kurt draws from decades of experience, attention to detail, and straight forward personality as he lays it all out there in real, understandable terms. This isn't a bunch of Berimbolos intended to impress, this is real, effective Renegade jiu jitsu!

Get his DVD / On Demand Series called: Fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu Renegade. You'll learn the fine details of the basic, yet tried and true sweeps, passes, submissions and escapes.